Week#8 The FLIP with LOVE

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MarkJ said ‘flip an 8 on it’s side and you get the infinity sign’

Well I say ‘then add the words LOVE’

Then you get LOVE infinitum!


Week#8 is for me all about getting it all done, making the connections with the shapes, colours, POA cards, DMP charged with feelings and emotions, the MOVIE Board, ‘giving and receiving’, the 7 laws of the mind, being the always ready ‘watch keeper’ at the gate to my mind with the mental diet, living by my newly acquired  compass (Thanks SherryB),  ‘uplifting my mind with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages’, ‘feeding my soul with meditation and prayer’ (Thanks Og Mandino), the readings, the gal in glass, then tying it all together with movement and music WOW how does it get any better than this?

Well it can and does with LOVE!

The magic ingredient is LOVE sprinkle it, splash it, dose it, drown it all in LOVE 🙂

Like my favorite poet Rumi says…


I believe the most powerful thing within us all is LOVE

So go within FEEL your LOVE and SHARE it with everyone you come into contact with…

Og Mandino said it “silently say I Love You” let it shine in your eyes, un-wrinkle your brow and bring a smile to your lips and an echo in your voice.


I always keep my promises…lorelei sunshine

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5 thoughts on “Week#8 The FLIP with LOVE

  1. Toby

    I just Love that question “How does it get any better than this?” I ask myself that all the time.

    It fits when things are going well and even when things aren’t going so well…


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