Week#6 Love Running Backwards

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I Greet This Day With Image2   In My Heart

Running BackWards I seem to be Running BackWards OR Running Forwards but not going anywhere, what is happening? Am I awake OR am I dreaming?

I’ve been reading Og’s Scrolls for over 400 days thats 1200 readings, I LIVE these scrolls, I AM these scrolls…

Our Emotions are like the cycles of the moon NOT every day is a good day and I have been sick for the last eight of them, hopeless, depending upon my husband to do everything, in his world that means he gets to surf more, bless his board shorted body!

Being sick put everything into perspective though it really shows us how vulnerable we truly are and how when we aren’t actively moving OR doing how our minds turn everything around and up-side down…This is when that ‘old blue print’ puts on her dancing shoes and goes to town in your head spinning to a new record every 3 minutes…

I close my eyes and go to sleep OR meditate within the silence for hours OH what a bliss-filled escape…Only to open my eyes in a blurry fever once again…

So I drag my worn body to the shower and wash all the feverish nightmares away and find my art supplies its time to make my Movie Board…

Movie Board you ask? What like what movies you’ve seen OR want to see?

No Its a Movie Board of my ‘Future Self’ and what she’s up to in the future with a Plan Of Attack, colours and shapes and YES the rewards EXCITED?

YES…Then lets begin…



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3 thoughts on “Week#6 Love Running Backwards

  1. Dawn

    What an interesting thought….running foward and backwards at the same time so you feel like you are not going anywhere. Wow…it made so much sense to me. But the truth is we are moving even if we don’t feel like it. So blessed to read your words. Thank you for sharing! The movie awaits!


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