Week#4 The DMP and the re-writes

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As I re-read my new DMP I finally feel my BLISS! This is it when I read it aloud with ENTHUSiasm I totally feel peace and liberty one of my PPN’s…

I went from what I wanted as a WE my husband and I then realized this was MY DMP, then I added in something I wanted to change, well we all know how that works…backwards in my case as I was putting my attention to the one thing I wanted to change it got worse, when I let it go completely out into the ether…now this is when things began to change 🙂

I added in STUFF that wasn’t even mine I just thought Id better put that in there, other people’s dreams and desires…Things I said I would do and I knew it wasn’t going to happen and YES “I always keep my promises”

It wasn’t until recently when my daughter was here at the end of September to stay she asked me “So what is the end result?” Well knock me down with a feather I ummm’ed and agh’ed and defended and got all blustered I knew what I wanted to say BUT it was only lightly touched upon in my DMP, I felt like a FAKE!

So by the time she left I had gone into the silence many times to seek my TRUE BLISS…I really knew what it was I just had to put pen to paper…

The mantra “Do It Now” was blasting loud in my ears BUT my old blueprint was freaking out again going “no no no you really don’t want to do that, let’s go to the beach instead!”

I stuffed my “subby” and everything else into a room in my mind and slammed the door SHUT!

Family and Friends came and stayed I would do my readings and all my other MKMMA services…Then as soon as the last of my family left headed back to summer in NZ I took a deep breathe picked up my Journal and Timidly Opened that door in my mind…There was nothing there NO damnation no ranting and raving NO feelings of BLISS…just nothing

I began to breathe and then to WRITE the words just flowed from within to my world without…With a smile on my face and love in my heart I began to write OH WHAT BLISS!

My DMP came thick and fast it all just spewed its self upon the pages, this lasted for what seemed like no time at all…I looked down and begun to read OMG YES YES YES Finally this is it!


MY DMP is for ME and what I really truly with heartfelt feeling and enthusiasm bloody well WANT to manifest! Now I have to change “My Interview”

Life is Beautiful and I give Gratitude for all that I AM!

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3 thoughts on “Week#4 The DMP and the re-writes

  1. Deirdre

    It was a delight to read your post. By being persistent, going into the silence and listening to the world within you found your bliss. Thank you so much for sharing.


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