Week#3 The Sacrifice

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Yesterday is gone -Rumi

The Sacrifice within your DMP

“Clearly state what it is you are willing to give-up OR change – sacrifice. Consider what may be holding you back from reaching your DMP? In many instances this could be the same aspect which you need to give up”

OK ummm…Is it because Im useless at completing tasks! OH OH hang on Law of Dual Thought…”I always complete tasks!”

ummm Is it because I procrastinate by slipping into my dreamworld of books and computer games and social media?

ummm is it because I am too busy living my husbands/wives dream?

ummm My kids need me and my time!

ummm my space is messy with all my shite and Im overwhelmed I cant even think!

ummm, ummm, ummm

There are so many ummm’s ! Really we can all think of at least 5…

The TOOL to finding out “what is holding you back” is to be HONEST with YOURSELF!

Really come on…If you were honest YOU would be living YOUR Dharma, Bliss, Dream Life!

Go INTO your silence within your sit and ask honestly “what is stopping me?”

Im sure the reality of the TRUTH is going to smack a few of you on the head with a “THWAK”

When you really truly asked yourself to be honest what is it?

FEAR is usually the #1 reason!

“I am FEAR-less though! you say to yourself…

“I am a Amazon Warrior Princess” OR “I am A Pillar of Strength for the Community” ” I am Tarzan and you are my Jane”


Inside you are a babbling little girl/boy wanting to be protected and loved and and and blubbering “Im scared I cant do it, what will other people think of me if I FAIL?”

We all wear masks for years and have forgotten who we really are…

As we step onto the path into OUR Hero’s Journey to start the process of chipping off the cement we start to see the golden gem like treasures of who we really are, why we are really here and what are our gifts.

As soon as this begins to happen YOU realize that NOTHING will STOP you from Achieving YOUR BLISS that burning desire you have WithIn to create Your World Without, The obstacles or the ummm’s fall away like snowflakes melting in the sun…

So be HONEST and ask yourself “What AM I willing to change OR give up in order to “Live My Dream?”


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