Week#16 Harmony, Kindness and Patterns

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When OUR Needs are met WE are in Harmony


Success has a Pattern and a Price…”We have to do the things we say we are going To Do” There is an AWEsome Affirmation that we learn quiet early on in th1407388916878e #MasterKeyExperience “Do it Now” give it a go yourself and repeat this 25x 3x per day Every Day, I can guarantee that things will begin to change for you, YOU will ‘Get It Done!”

The Law Of Growth…

That which we identify this is what we multiply…Only think desirable thoughts…This is the “Law of Growth” This week#16 was all about everyone Master Minding on one Definite Major Purpose using Franklins Makeover and the word was KINDNESS…Everyone worked consciously to create Kindness in their everyday lives some of us chose to do Random Acts of Kindness and not get caught!  What did this create? OVER 8000+ shares and the overall Feeling from the experience was that people were not only giving kindness but were receiving kindness and everyday it was multiplying, people were getting excited and ‘Lives were being Changed’ all around the world everywhere you looked on social media it all seemed to be about Kindness.

Check out what MarkJ and the MKMMA Crew here on Kauai got up to along with some of the Master Key Guides from around the world…

“Actions are governed by habit…”

What will you do today that will change YOUR life? What habits are YOU willing to create? I made a CHOICE to form the habits with the tools #MasterKeyExperience which are guiding me towards my Bliss and living MY Future Self!

Reclaim your Authentic self..

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Emerging from under all of the cement the “golden buddha”

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12 thoughts on “Week#16 Harmony, Kindness and Patterns

  1. Dennis

    Lorelei – Law of growth is a powerful tool to understand and use to our advantage eh? Loved the video of the hugs! Congratulations for hitting the top of the winner’s circle this week! Looking forward to meeting you in Kauai in July.

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Mahalo’s Dennis for your kind words, was such a surprise to be the winner of the winners circle…and YES look forward to meeting you here in july WooHoo!

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Mahalo’s Eleanor for your words and congrats…it was a total surprise BUT I am stoked Hawaii slang for Happy!

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Aloha darren thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it 🙂 YEAH the buddha ball is pretty kool 🙂

  2. Wendy Tebbutt

    Great week 16 blog, Lorelei 🙂 Congratulations on winning the contest – whichever contest that was ;-} I’ve been commenting on blogs galore, but I’m not up on the contest stuff – my apologies there.
    Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Aloha wendy Mahalo’s for your congrats The competition was a digital connections one with collecting followers and subscribers You will need to have a hosted blog to enter…when you are ready the digital diva’s n divo will get you set up 🙂


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