Week#15 ‘I am Natures Greatest Miracle’ and I am Enough!

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For Week15 2014… I have decided to have a Guest blogger this is my Master Guide Luc Griffet


He lives in France with his Beautiful Wife Françoise and Family, I was most fortunate to meet them while cruising the Napali Coast here on Kauai last year for the 1st #MasterKeyExperience Live Retreat 🙂

A few days ago, a new distributor – let’s call her Barbara – shared an experience that brought me a great insight.

Here is what happened.

While leading a « 10 minute coffee » with Barbara (for non-MLMers, this is a short friendly conversation with a prospect to discover their needs and wants), her prospect – say Sophie was her name – revealed to us that she would like to retrieve a nice circle of friends and relationships in her life.

Sophie was an artist and had recently divorced from a diplomat; she felt quite alone as she didn’t want to continue gathering with her old circle of relations, because she found the conversations futile and interestless.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, hamonious and happy.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, hamonious and happy.

She also expressed her desire to strengthen her financial situation.

We had thus a perfect case for an invitation to a business opportunity presentation, a Hero’s journey in gestation!

Unfortunately, during the 45 minute meeting, Sophie was not only showing an evident lack of interest, but she also raised multiple times her eyes to heaven, in front of her increasingly embarrassed friend.

Barbara didn’t sleep that night!

She felt so guilty to have brought her friend Sophie in this « terrible experience »!

The next morning, she nearly called Sophie to apologize, but fortunately she didn’t.

She had sufficient self awareness to realize that she was « not guilty » and that the behavior of Sophie was not of her concern.

Sophie’s desire for change was just not strong enough to surmount her prejudices against « an artist doing a sales business for a living.»

When Barbara told me about her « white night » experience, she said something that hit me: « I just realized how much a minor event like this and the behavior of a single person can deeply impact my emotional, bringing me to do unwanted actions, including to ruin in an instant my dearest project in life! » (I paraphrased here).

Looking « objectively » from outside, Barbara is on a good track – a strong purpose, a clear mind, specific goals, a plan to achieve them, and people around her to support her endeavor.

On the opposite, Sophie is suffering from solitude, and is desoriented and insecure in her current life.

Sophie’s unconsciously arrogant behavior had nearly destroyed the self confidence of Barbara, at the very moment Barbara was offering her a reliable solution to her discomforts.

Can you somehow relate to Barbara’s feelings during and just after that business opportunity meeting, and during the night which followed?

What if a dearest friend or an admired person would have with us the same behavior as Sophie with Barbara?

Well, a few months ago, I found a simple and powerful way to become absolutely unshakeable, immune, invincible against such « emotional attacks »!

That way is called « I am enough. »

I am enough because I have in myself all what I need to feel good and to live a good, purposeful life : I have and I find in myself, for myself and for the others, enough love, enough confidence, enough respect, enough trust, enough persistence and enough faith.

Now that we will soon be MKMMA veterans, we know that this is not just an assumption, this is a FACT. WE ARE ENOUGH.

But everybody knows that knowledge does not apply itself, so how are we going to engrain the knowledge of this fact in the subby?


Repeating « I am enough » enough times every day (eg. 25 or 50 times) and meditating on the insight of this affirmation will do the job sooner or later; it’s just a matter of patience and…persistence.

Feel good,


Mahalo Luc I appreciate Everything you do being My Master Guide I Appreciate and Love you and Françoise for all that you do for the #MasterKeyExperience Tribe 🙂


And now we Begin Week16 EXCITED MUCH!

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29 thoughts on “Week#15 ‘I am Natures Greatest Miracle’ and I am Enough!

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Aloha Marilyn WooHoo YES it’s a great affirmation EnJoy and mahalo’s for stopping by appreciate You 🙂

  1. Bronwen Bowring

    Thanks for sharing Lorelei, very helpful with my own journey. I relate to Barbara’s self-awareness moment and am adding ‘I am enough’ to my daily self-talk. 🙂

  2. aleisha

    Thank you for the wonderful post. “I am enough” is an affirmation that took place on bathroom mirror a while ago. I love that you are sharing it.

  3. Debbie

    Sister Sunshine! Congrats and Well done! I love your smile and the kindness you bring with you!
    Looking forward to July! Mahalo

  4. Jean P.

    I/We are enough! I love that! I love that you said to repeat it 25 to 50 times a day also. I do things like that too. If I like them I say them or put them on cards. what a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Monica F Power

    Thanks for sharing insight! What a great idea to affirm daily by adding “I am enough” to my stack of cards.

  6. Dawn

    Powerful. That is the first thing that came to me from reading this. The decision must be made to look within or focus on what someone else thinks “without”….I am enough!

    Thank you so much to Luc for sharing your insights…and thank you Lorelei! Blessed and grateful!

  7. Shelby Nolan

    Such a great post! Thank you for sharing. I know it’s been here for a while now but evidently I wasn’t meant to read it until today 🙂 I AM ENOUGH and I thank God for it. I thank Luc for putting it into such an inspiring post and I thank you for sharing it 🙂 Much love and blessings.

    1. loreleimk Post author

      YaY Shelby GR8 to see you here Mahalo’s for stopping by…I know right! I just love Luc and how he puts stuff its his whiteness 🙂


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