Week TwentySix: Laughter and ALL it is

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“I laugh at the world and most of all, I laugh at myself as man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously”

…Og Mandino

WOW isn’t this the truth?

This week I have been consciously AWARE of my seriousness to the events that have occurred and TALK about COMICAL, I must admit not at the time…but as I look back I most certainly and totally crack myself up!

Wish I could turn back the clock to these each individual moments and…

JUST STOP…breathe…LAUGH out LOUD hysterically!

My week would have been a lot less stressful if I just Laughed at the WORLD and MYself.

Hey EVERYthing is as it should be right at this moment and WHY should I struggle against the whole Universe to change some event as I would Like it to be?

So to stay within the Law of Least Effort I must accept all as it is AND Laugh as mush as possible even when “confronted with man OR deed which offends me so as to bring forth my tears or my curses”

…Og Mandino

My days are spent mostly in quiet pure and bliss-filled silences with just me and the animals, books and services to complete for Myself and our Businesses BUT this week I have been assaulted¬†with VERY LOUD and GRATING machines, welders and generators and grinders, boy talk, cigarettes and loud radio music adverts included, nowhere to park my car…

SO what do I do?

LAUGH or else I will Scream and Explode with these beautiful words handed down by the ancients of time…

“this too shall pass” breaking forth from my lips every minute OR so…

and I reply Thank the Goddess for this!

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