Week TwentyNine: Life is a MYsToRY

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This week IS all about MKMMA completely Face 2 Face…

So it IS the 1st MKMMA 2015 Retreat, I am totally BLESSed as it is here on the beautiful Island of Kauai…The Garden Isle…

Registration…Connecting with Fellow Master-Minders, Time to find Patti Im going to be her Guide today for the Spiritual Treasure Hunt…I LOVE Treasure Hunts hope she does 🙂

I totally 1st off connect with some people Donald & Leanne Overlander, Christian from France and Patti there are a few faces I’ll get to later…Let’s Get Going!!!

It works out Amazingly with Patti as she is tired and just want’s to cruise & explore the Island, she is Happy I live here and knows where we are going…YaY is all good in OUR World 🙂

We have Soooo much Fun and meet other groups along the way, this is where we add Don, Lianne and Kris to OUR Tribe, I take them to a Local Style Cafe for Island breakfast especially their WORLD famous Mac-nut Pancakes, Kris & Don are in Heaven!  We hit the road again Patti & I with a car in tow, taking photo’s laughing and just ENJoying each other’s company..

The Day is filled with Soooo much FUN stopping and Exploring, ending up at a secret beach on the North Shore…What an Awesome way to finish the 1st Day…

Our 1st  ClassRoom style Day was all about COLOURS, FUN, exCITEment… as we hit the Road once again for another ADventure to the West-Side 🙂

Hero’s, Faery Tales, Karma, Inside YOUR Castle, Quests, ONE-Ness…Bliss-Filled right into…another ADventure…with new friends set…Debbie, Marlo & Andrei

John R Wooden…Read about this AMAZing Man if you Dare!

Mahalo’s to Trisha, Jason (My Italian Speaking Brother) and Derek

Kai Time? Grinds Time? Kai is Maori for Food, Grinds is Hawaiian Haole Slang for Food…with new friends set Elissa & Gerheart, LUCY in the Sky with Diamonds…

FRIDAY out into the WILD a Hike into Kauai’s Beautiful Inner-Self, secrets revealed, more friendships set: with Tommy & Emilie…My wee Blog Sista Kara & her beau Travis and the DeeVine Miss Patricia…Swimming in the clear Aqua Ocean, eating Fish Crack and then the BEST Burgers and StrawBerry MilkShake from Ono Char find it next time YOUR Exploring Anahola 🙂

The next Two Days are filled with Exploring and Sharing OUR Beautiful Garden Island, introducing OUR new friends set: Keith & Dana, Rory & their GDaughter, Sarah, Catherine, Jason, Trish, Rob & Berta, Kris, Tommy & Emilie, Jen, Geoff & Karen, Maria, Claus & the other 3 beautiful Swedes to WOW SUP Hawaii and OUR LOVE of PaddleBoards with Water FUN, Introducing Cliff TourGuide with a difference 🙂

Then Lucy & I are off to the Theatre to watch “Beauty and the Beast” our Local Style Theatre Groups here on Island are up there with Best, make sure you check some show’s out while visiting here next time…

I am filled with ALOHA n Gratitude to MarkJ, Davene, Wunderkind Dayna & her beau Jason, The Guides Jason, Derek & Trish, Chelsea & Soul Baby, Jackie & her beau Rickie…to the Grinds Staff @ the Sheraton Poipu…YOU all made this 1st MKMMA Retreat an Awesome Experience and ADventure

Mahalo Nui Loa

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