Week TwentyFour: Awakening Memories

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Awakening Memories

I am in Aotearoa NZ my birth place…visiting friends & family, as you exit the plane and finally get to walk through the gateway way ‘Te Waharoa’ being welcomed home…then you get your bags & head outside to the coffee truck…mmmmmmmm NZ coffee, now I’m home.

We pick up our hire car and head to Piha to catch up with the Ultimate Waterman Crew and our adventure starts, this one takes four days, we head back to the beach Waihi Beach that is…Unpack & wash, then re pack and head down to the mountain Mt Ruapehu that is…with mum & Mr Jones in tack.?

As we get closer to Ohakune all of my memories start to flow, this is where Sian & I spent her early years. I’m excited I have arrived as we pull into the driveway in Tawhero Street, I look forward to the DeeVine night sky up in the¬†high desert, mountain folk you know what I’m saying, no lights on, fresh clean crisp untainted air… After all the family stuff is done it’s time to explore the night…the deer are ROARing, Warwick tells me their names Sika & Red and the sky is aglow with stars, planets & constellations, I fall asleep in BLISS…

As soon as I can I head out to Rangataua to see my mate Ma-zeena-zebu-leena she is part of our tribe of women, a grand mother, a mother, a wife and beautiful friend, her daughter Kara left the planet last year and my mate is soooo sad, we hug & walk around the garden and then find ourselves sitting down having a korero, reminiscing and catching up on everything since we saw each other last. Each of us awakening memories hidden deep within…

I turned up at Tainui Street to see my friend Jo Wahine, the rest of the family was busy doing stuff…Jo & I caught up on all the everything, she was doing her business book work, but stopped so we could hang for awhile, Errol her Dad and the DEEVine Miss Holly bounced in with gifts of apples & blackberries freshly picked from the garden, Ann her mum had a soul she was working with in her healing space, Wendy who spotted me from the window and said to Ani “who is that”? “She is a very powerful spiritual being” Ani replied “Oh that will be Lorelei Elizabeth Dann I s’pose, and yes she is” So now Ani knew I had arrived. We all finally got together and had an AWEsome wee visit with promises to Holly to return in the morning….

So the next day I drop back into Ani & Errol’s with their new addition the DEEVine miss Holly their grand-daughter…WOW the house is ALIVE with her pure, JOY-filled energy and proper English accent, our souls re-unite and dance in WONDER… Around the garden are some art pieces I left as I travelled off on adventures overseas, Holly had found my taller than her wrought iron Daisy and proceeded to drag it out of the garden two weeks before I had even arrived in the country from Kauai…When Ann or Errol said “ok Holly lets put it back (she had now dragged it up the stairs and it had a place of Welcome right at the entry to their front door) Holly would reply “Oh no not yet”! She knew I was coming and I hadnt even met her yet, Ann & Errol figured I was going to turn up anytime soon and I did… We soon find ourselves in the garden where I’m looking for old herbs and trees, awakening Ani’s memories, her garden is full of green magic and knowledge, she had forgotten much…The last five years her energy was being in service to others and getting shared custody with their son Brother Paul of Holly…I arrived at the perfect time when they were all wandering around in the garden, harvesting bounty before the winter arrives with those sparkling eyes and hearts filled with JOY, thankYOU Holly for arriving when you did, PERfect timing as the Universe turns….

The next day is filled with these tribe members I want to spend time and soak them all up into my bones once again, awakening memories old and new for me and them alike, we spent a lot of time together healing and in service to the local community through meditation, education books, crystals and of course the phamapedia in the garden, we share moments of Joy and good coffee with good food, lots of laughter and Holly’s Bliss. It is time to leave and Ani hands me a brown paper bag there are three books inside I am excited to see what they are…

I see all of the people I am to see at this time of my visit they each have their own stories…Teena, she makes an amazing clothing line, and her two boys Jethro and Lathan with Sian all grew up together in the shadow of the Mountain they are all in their late twenty’s now…”Time keeps on ticking ticking into the future” Karen a naturopath & Richard an architect with their horses, chickens and always adding on house and gardens and all memories old and new.

We head north driving beside the Mountains and across the Central Plateau finally dropping down to sea level and back to the beach…Unpack, re-pack and head to the Far North, we have more friends to visit Arrin, Yoka and the kids, Renee, Rewi and Terei and Harry Arrin’s brother, and Paulie who is in spirit now having left the planet also last year, plus anyone else we run into at the Whangarei Fritter Festival…. Arrin, Harry & Paulie are like my big Maori brothers, filled with my whakapapa (family) knowledge and they share these teachings awakening those memories for me, the lesson this time came from Paulie through Arrin he is one of the pacific celestial navigators…ThankYou Paulie for the memories awakened within me re the stars, planets and constellations ? our memories are from before, into the present and always into the future BUT forever in the NOW…?

Awakening Memories

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