Week TwentyEight: Preparation for MKMMA Retreat here Kauai next week

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WOW I can’t believe how Quickly the MKMMA course went like FLEW BY…It’s AMAzing HOW “Time Really Does Fly” When YOU are in YOUR GROOVE and LOVing EveryThing You DO 🙂

THE 1st MKMMA Retreat is here on Kauai next week!

I am Soooo Grate-Filled that my Master Keys Teacher at this time is MarkJ (The Worlds Laziest Networker) and his Divine Blue Wife Davene live here Kauai, besides them and their ON-Island Team EVERYone else is traveling from around the world…All of the online Guides and My Fellow Master-Minders will be arriving soon…EXCITED Much!

It is going to be just AMAZing to see them all in their Hu-man Glory to be able to HUG them and look them in the eyes, my heart is filled with Bursting JOY and Gratitude 🙂


I have been Moving my Furniture, Writing out my Index Cards, Daily Gratitudes, the Girl in the Glass, Random acts of Kindness, MY SIT, My daily Readings etc etc etc…

These are all MKMMA Terms:  Want to know more?  Stay tuned to my Blog:


I know this is short, sweet and to the point…


Come on Monday Morning 7:30 ALREADY!!!!

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