Week Three: Going to CaLiFornIA & the Red Circles

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Arriving at the airport early to relax and enjoy the people watching before boarding my flight, the smell of the plumeria fading replaced with the smells of travelers returning back to their reality after island holidays…
5 hours later arriving at LAX to total mayhem HOLY Lorelei this is NOT Kauai anymore…ok move it move it, get my bags, flag down the hotel driver, breathe live is good! Check in, eat I’m starving, key in door, RELAX…
So the Best thing about waking up in the morning is my daughter Sian is arriving after her 5 day Tomorrow World Festival FUN in Atlanta…Sweet Dreaming?

So much happening stay focused…Sian (daughter) time in LA 2 days, SUP Surfing EXPO and the 2014 7th annual Battle Of the Paddle Racing at Salt Creek in Dana Point for 2 days, then Sian time again 2 days LA, drop hubby off at airport he’s homeward bound back to our Summer Island of Kauai…Pick up my hot wee Ford Focus rental, I get to spend Kelly (other daughter) time in San Diego 3 days Kelly is a hairdresser so I came out of her studio with RED hair hmmm red circles everywhere…

Friday head up to Garden Grove, Anaheim to the Hyatt Regency mmm smells so good, book in and catch up with fellow team mates and leaders…Saturday, Sunday totally booked out conferencing all day long (plugged myself into the webinar though)…PHEW WOW Alla KaZam! What an action packed, insipring 2 days! This company is taking me and everyone else into the FUTURE Loving It!

Soooooo did I do everything I promised myself I would do? YES I did…I got up early and went to bed late, talking out loud whenever the moment took me specially when the red circles appeared, the funny thing is the place I saw the MOST red circles was on the plane back to my Summer Island Kauai 🙂 I am planning our Annual Halloween Party so there is plenty to keep me busy…Life is AMAZING!



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