Week ThirtyThree: The catch-up week and surprises arriving

What a week this catch-up week has been…PLUS its coming into MY BornDay Month and the amount of Gemini’s I know well lets just say its been FUN finding cards for each of them, with little gifts from the heart as well…

Talking about Gifts they just keep arriving…

A book called the “influencer” check this book out! More on this later…A beautiful color paper called the SoundView Executive Book Summaries bit of Willie Nelson Principal and the Madonna Effect…and other interesting tid-bits

“BREAK from the PACK” by Oren Harari

BornDay Gifts & Cards arriving early as I will not be here on OUR Summer Island we are going to CUBA…EXCITED much? EveryDay there are Gifts arriving…I LOVE GIFTs πŸ™‚

First Guides Webbie is on SUNday am I prepared?

I am waking at 5:30 to read read read LUCKY I LOVE to read…”The Influencer” bit of a heavy read at 5:30am let me just say…BUT WOW there is some good stuff in there…

I gave birth to my Dee-Vine STARchild Sian in September of 1988 in Perth, Western Australia…WHAT has this got to do with anything? WELL…There was a case study in this book about Thailand and the AIDs epidemic which I had no connection to until I read it…After giving Birth I had to get a Blood Transfusion a really big one, the hospital didn’t have enough of my Blood Group as Im one of those rare type’s so they had to fly some in, when it finally arrived hours later on a plane it was still cold, as they were warming it up to get it into me…hmmm ick-fooey, painful and very unpleasant EXperience πŸ™ Finally in and Im sleeping as this whole process was 48hrs or so ago…

A few Days after that while Im in BLISS-land with my STARchild and her Dad the doctor tells me they need to do a Blood Test for YIP you guessed it AIDs!

WTF we were thinking…this was BEfore they did AID’s testing on Blood Donors…For those of you that don’t know Australia is VERY close to Thailand and it is one of the major Drug and SexTrade places and Holiday Destinations for Australians it is SUPER cheap to fly to…

After reading a study in Thailand in the INfluencer this has now made sense as to WHY I was tested and NOT why I was TOLD I was being tested…YOU eventually will UNcover what is HIDDEN from YOU always!

Mahalo for the Gift MarkJ and Davene…

Sooo thats HOW this week ended the ‘TRUTH was REVEALED…


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2 thoughts on “Week ThirtyThree: The catch-up week and surprises arriving

  1. LOREN CRAIG TAYLOR (@totalfreedommea)

    Oh, and one more thing, Summer’s Love. Remember the exercise we did in Kawai that demonstrated how words with letters all mixed up could be read easily anyway, well:
    “Heav OYU dnouf YRUO tfiG tey?” Heav I dnouf neim, sM. nehiS? I od elivBee t’is ouy, dna t’ahts — sa ouy yas — solyteabul neivEDE!”

    Same principle — not quite so easy, squeezy, lemon peezy, is it?. …or did you get it right OUT the Gate? πŸ™‚ I originally intended to put the translation somewhere else, but since I don’t want it to get lost, I decided to keep it right here.

    :”Have YOU found YOUR Gift yet?” Have I found mine, Ms. Shine? I’m glad you asked, Ms. twinkle, because I do believe it’s you, and that’s — as you say — absolutely DEEvine! ” πŸ™‚


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