Week: ThirtySix The Sanctuary and How to create YOUR own.

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the sanctuary

the sanctuary

The Sanctuary...

How do I get one? Is it safe? How do I get there? Can I leave?

This is the place you will go to commune with your councillors, guides, teachers, masters a place that is safe AWAY from the Outside World and where that OUTside World cannot enter Unless Invited by you…What will you need?  IMAGINATION…This is where the FUN begins AS you don’t have to stay within the Laws of Nature…Anything and Everything goes…You may want a turret in a castle overlooking a glen in yesteryear Ireland OR a cabin in the woods OR a bubble like sphere that floats above everyone OR a quiet space in a secret garden OR even to sit in Hemingway’s Library in Havana.  It really is up to you…

REMEMBER this is YOUR Sanctuary YOU get to create it 🙂

Close your eyes and Begin…

Once you decide what your Sanctuary will be like EXPLORE it, Feel it, Touch it, Smell it…IT IS whatever you have created…YOU may want to add stuff to it like a private room OR section to talk to different people OR a scent that makes you feel safe, a beautiful childhood memory…REMEMBER this is YOUR Sanctuary OWN it 🙂

Now I would like you to incorporate a Protection Shield around your Sanctuary…InVISION a beautiful BLUE fire like light encompassing your whole Sanctuary and say these words, “MY Shield is SUPER, SUPER Strong, It is Internally Permeable ALL negative energy and thoughts may LEAVE my Shield but NO negative energy and thoughts can ENTER my Shield, it keeps me Safe, this Shield will last as long as I am within my Sanctuary…So Be It!”

YOU will get really quick at setting your Sanctuary and Shield up that you will be able to go there within a seconds notice,  and YES you can leave it at ANY given time you choose 🙂

ENJOY this Sacred Sanctuary you are Creating to ask questions OR just BE with whomever you please…We are ALWAYs given the Answers…”the guidance I seek may come, or the guidance I seek may not come, but are not both of these an answer?” Og Mandino

The Inner Sanctuary…

This is the Space within your Sanctuary where you can meet with and ask questions and just ‘shoot the shite’ YOU choose who’s coming into this space, you can also access information from anywhere you like YOU just have to ask the Questions! If you are communing with lets say Michael Angelo then you can say “I’d really like to see the plans you did for the painting of the Sistine Chapel”

YOU can TALK to whomEVER YOU choose and ASK ANY question YOU want.  WOW what a gift…

NO Fear…Trust…and BELIEVE!   DO IT NOW! and ENJOY

LOVE to hear about some of YOUR Sanctuary Experiences and Also Descriptions of them…

Aloha…Blessings and Light till my next blog…

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6 thoughts on “Week: ThirtySix The Sanctuary and How to create YOUR own.

  1. Marea Adejuwon

    Wow! I’ve had pictures in my mind of my sanctuary, and your ideas spark new thoughts! I push beyond limits of my own reality and seek out the private sanctums of people on my inner council. Me and Frank Lloyd Wright sitting in Arizona discussing plans of his properties as I build my next adventure. Thank you for the reminder, Lorelei!

  2. Lori Enrico

    Love this post – thank you for your guidance! Much to my surprise, the vision of my sanctuary came to me effortlessly after Mark introduced the idea to us in the webinar.

    Mine is outdoors – a clearing on a high mountaintop in a tropical setting. It’s always night time there with a bright moon and a symphony of stars overhead. In the middle of the clearing is a beautiful bonfire with comfortable overstuffed chairs all around. This is where I sit and mastermind with whomever I invite into my sanctuary. It is a quiet, peaceful place where the only sounds (outside of our conversation) are the crackle of the fire, the ocean waves far below and occasional sounds of nature around us. The temperature is always perfect there, cozy by the fire. And here’s the really cool part…..to get to my sanctuary I hike up a beautiful mountain path, arrive at a small pool with a waterfall at the opposite side of the pool. The waterfall is a door to my sanctuary. I walk through, warm water flows over me and washes away all outside influence. I have entered the world within and left behind the world without. Imagination and ideas flow freely. I can ask questions, take council with my guests and find answers.

    Thank you for allowing me to describe this place in writing, Lorelei.


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