Week Seven: FOR-GIVEness

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I forgive my mother for the way you left me as a teenager

I forgive my brother for going through all of my personal stuff that was packed away in my wardrobe and throwing away my then MOST treasured items…

I forgive you my best friend Pipi for giving up on our friendship without even an explanation

I forgive myself for deserting my little sister when she was just a child

I forgive myself for running away from the LOVE so freely expressed Anaru

I forgive those who have hurt me throughout my life so far and to all those who I have hurt…I forgive myself for this human trait

I am AWARE of you my EGO…and the role you play…

Now is the time to close my eyes, cut those cords that run soooo deep, mourn a little, bless them with a loving goodbye and thankYOU for the lessons learnt, then LET GO with forgiveness in my heart…

As I step into this new day I AWAKEN myself the one who came to Earth to experience LIFE as a Hu-Man and fulfill with loving kindness the divine plan…

What is this divine plan you ask…I have all but forgotten in the last 7years…as Life got in the way…

as I move forward I create a space of learning and meditation?

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5 thoughts on “Week Seven: FOR-GIVEness

  1. mwsmasterkey

    Oh what a lovely blog post! Thank you for sharing! That came from the heart, I could feel:-)
    Forgiveness is so wonderful! And you are free, as you were created. Free, loving and shining, you called Sunshine for a reason ,-)
    Love to you!!

  2. Lauri Klein

    Lorelei I got tears in my eyes reading your blog. I loved how you wrote out your forgiving. What a wonderful way to let go of them. I will be taking your lead and write my forgiving to others and of myself because you have really made an impact on me the way you have done this. Your story of how you ended up in Kaui is amazing. Takes a lot to just up and move. So great that you are back to following your heart.


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