Week One: Today I begin a NEW LIFE

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I have taken it upon myself to do SOMETHING just for MYSELF… luxury, selfish, me me me!

YES that’s right this is for me and all about me…

RE-AWAKENING my own memories of my PURPOSE here on Planet Earth…

mmm what contracts and with whom did I sign them with before I made my journey here? I do remember a few of them and am very grateful to have been given the opportunities to live these out, I am grateful for the lessons learnt, sometimes not easily learnt but learnt any way.

We get so caught up in the day to day living and most of the time it’s not our lives we end up living…we are children so we do as we are told but live freely within our dreams, then we become teen agers and we do as we want to do thank goodness for the morals our parents installed in us and YES these saved many of us…still our dreams are forever with us…then we fall in LOVE and out the windows goes everything and the rose tinted colored glasses become our eyes and our dreams get shared…then in my case I had the most DeeVine Girl Child on the planet Sian Faith so I became a mother and my dreams now move to her dreams n wishes and so on and so on it goes…

This is one of my first memories  awakened to me by my Dad Milton David Dann whom I LOVE Always xxx

There is one thing I do LOVE to do and that is read and story tell…this passion of mine comes from my Dad from his story telling to his library of books which I would touch with so much love as I still do to this day…

To pick up a new book that you have never read before or even a favorite that you read and re read it’s like magic..first there’s the feel of the book as you pick it up then the picture on the front cover, the smell and even the tracing with your finger of the book title…and then, and then YOU open it up…to begin reading and immediately you are transported to another place, time, universese…there are characters, whom so quickly become like friends & family…you are totally transported into the book, you become the book.

Oh how I LOVE to read…

For the re meeting of souls , the long enduring friendships and lovers, even just the glimpses on a train in India and Fiji, as I travel around this world with so many places still unvisited what is next?

There are a few other things I Love to do that I ENJOY doing…so come follow me on my journey into MY NEW LIFE…

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7 thoughts on “Week One: Today I begin a NEW LIFE

      1. masterkeylilli

        Taking the “will” out definitely makes a difference. I get so much more accomplished when I re-read this without it. Thanks for the idea of a hike; I hope to hike off into the Everglades tomorrow.


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