Week Fourteen: going to the movies American football style

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YES it’s true we get to go to the Movies this week…

I have Netflix Live Streaming so there was only one movie I could watch “RUDDY” Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, Notre Dame player #45

So the story is about a kid who grows up with a DREAM to play American Football for Notre Dame…his DMP

Now how is he going to make this happen? By sheer persistence, he will do what ever it takes which he doesn’t find out till 1/2 way through the movie how hard this is going to be, he has a best friend who keeps him on track and totally believes he WILL do this, he has some serious odds to go up against the first and major one is none of his family has ever gone to university they “just weren’t meant to people like them” even his father believes this, so this is what he is installing in the children…”we are foundry people” nothing wrong with this, we make a good living from it”

Well Rudy wanted MORE for his life…He DARED to DREAM BIG.

His grades at school were not enough to get him to Norte Dame the university where his Dream Football Team resided…So he became a foundry worker like the rest of his brothers and his best friend…it wasn’t until his friend died in an accident that Rudy made the decision to follow his DREAM, he got on a bus, went to Norte Dame and did whatever it took, he had a plan to get good grades then get accepted I to Notre Dame where he could play for his Dream Team…After failing several times, he finally gets accepted.

His persistence is amazing BUT he never gives up…training, studying, believing…UNTIL nearly the very end of the story with a little help from his friends he realises he is living his dream he is studing at Notre Dame University and IS Playing for his Dream Team he just hasn’t been in uniform and on the sidelines…

His time comes though as this tough little guy with the support of the rest of the team who totally respects what he does, stands up to the new coach and gives their jerseys up so Rudy can take one of their places on the team…long story short Rudy gets to ‘uniform up’ and gets to lead the team onto the field…He is totally stoked with this, this is his DREAM all of his hard work has led to this Day, then with only 7seconds to go he gets a chance to go o to the field and PLAY…

This guy went totally against all of the odds you could throw at one person, with a DREAM, HARD WORK and all of the PERSISTENCE one person could hold within themselves and more, he DID IT, he KICKED that old blue print right in the arse where it withered and died and STEPPED into his NEW SELF…

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7 thoughts on “Week Fourteen: going to the movies American football style

  1. masterkeykara

    Definitely sounds like he chipped away at the cement of his old blueprint and came into his true self! Great movie of persistence and hard work. Thanks for sharing your view!!

  2. kamal2979

    Enjoyed reading your post, very inspiring, the boy kept his persistence that kept him to follow his Dream, the Hard really paid off. I am sure to watch it didn’t have chance yet!!!!!


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