Week Five: Opinions

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WOW do I have lots of Opinions on EVERYthing!

How to do this…how to do that…the way people drive, walk, talk…what the DJs play on the radio…how this looks..how that looks…what that person is doing over there and how they could do it better…what my husband is doing and how to do it…as I know I’m a expert…Yeah WHATEVER!

thank the Goddess I don’t watch TV or listen to the News I would be totally wasting the rest of my day with my Opinions…

My new word for these Opinions is ONIONS (as here we go with an Onion) I don’t like these vegetables….lmao

I know…you don’t know…I’m an EXPERT…


But But But my Mother told me….I saw it…I read about it…


So this week was all about keeping our mouths shut and not having OR voicing our ONIONS…well in those first three days the ONIONS were so winning, ONIONS 47 Lorelei ☀️ 0…

Like  I said I had a lot to say on the subject of friken everything…BUT as I keep my mouth FIRMLY CLOSED …Breathe…Listen…Breathe AGAIN and then respond with OH really yeah I LOVE that idea OR oh really what do you think?

It is soooo becoming easier everyday…Loving these new habits I am nurturing into being within myself ?

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5 thoughts on “Week Five: Opinions

  1. masterkeylinda2

    Enjoyed your blog Lorelei, I really relate you your comments about so many opinions… I found I was like a robot and just commenting with no thought just following an old path on and on…with no “examination or consideration” it has been a real eye opener. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lauracalia13

    I really enjoyed your blog. I can see why you are Lorelei Sunshine. It radiates through your post. Opinions is a tough one. It has been a good exercise for me. An eye-opener. Thank you!


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