Week Eleven: Conscious OR unConcious

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Last week I made a CONCIOUS decision to be RESPONsible, to be the HUMAN I came to experience Earth as…

An ALL POWERFUL☀️, LOVING?, CONCIOUS BEING re-awakening people’s bliss?

I have been so caught up in LIFE: the day to day crap of it all…

I am BLISS-Filled to say I have stepped into WHO I AM and I’m LOVING IT!

My days are spent in BLISS, not getting caught up in the mire of other people’s life…

No opinions, No judgement AND I have been thrown the opportunities alot lately (love the way the universe works) all the different types of Humans to judge, get angry at, feel sad for, etc etc etc…

NOW…I LOOK, I BLESS, I lOVE, I HONOUR and I THANK them for being THEM just them in all of THEIR GLORY, they too came to experience this, their lifetime their way ?

I tend to my garden INside and OUTside, and it not only feeds me physically but nourishes my heart, my soul, the WHOLE and ALL of ME.

I ENJOY these times of quiet as I know that these shall pass and I will be busy again toiling the rows of Life, but this time it is done with LOVE and only LOVE, nurturing the seeds so they become the flowers of tomorrow’s harvest, the LIFE I have come to LIVE ☀️

We are given a choice to be Concious OR unConcious

to Live with our eyes and hearts open OR closed


to judge AND be judged

We are given a choice to be Concious OR unConcious

To Live within OR live without


to take that leap of FAITH and jump off into our BLISS

We are given the choice to be Concious OR unConcious

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