The Interview

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The setting:

Sunshine Nursery, Meditation & Healing Space Kauai Hawaii, sitting on lush cushions, sipping on herbal tea inside one of the daybed spaces, we have 6 of these set up throughout the garden, 2 for meditation and 2 are healing/massage spaces and 2 are where you can have something yummy to eat from our small coffee/tea house…

The Interviewer is Melinda from the Local Paper “For Kauai”

Melinda: WOW this is beautiful you would never know that this is here in the center of Nawiliwili an oasis of delight.

Lorelei: Yes it is hidden BUT many people are finding it, we are opening and expanding more of the garden as the coffee/tea house is becoming most popular since we added some light soups n salads muffins & scones to the menu.

Melinda: So how did this all begin?

Lorelei: It was always a dream of mine to have my own coffee space here on the island as there are only 3 places that I would recommend to get a decent coffee 2 of them are on the Eastside, the other is in Hanapepe.

I also wanted to have a large display working garden like a nursery with not only plants but water & air features & garden art…I LOVE to meditate, so there would have to be quiet spaces within the garden for contemplation & meditation, this expanded later to include 2 healing spaces as friends asked if they may rent out the spaces to do massage in, I said that instead of renting the space they could partake in a pay it forward programme I was setting up…Twice a week we use all of the spaces to do FREE HealingsĀ and Meditation Classes, these are becoming very popular with lots of different people, especially the elderly here in lihue, I am super stoked and happy to be able to offer this service.

It is always expanding and growing…

Melinda: So besides the meditation/ healing spaces and the free healings and meditation classes what else do you offer?

Lorelei: We have a coffee/tea house serving fresh herbal teas from the garden freshly picked, an organic coffee from a friends roasterie in Northern California “StrawHouse Coffee” YES you can choose any of your favorite ways to have this served BUT we do have a Kiwi iced version that is to die for…freshly picked from the garden salads and soups served with home made muffins or english style scones with organic butter mmm mmm mmmm.

There are plenty of Garden Art works to purchase with stepping stones, gates & fence panels, wind and water sculptures all made locally here on the island, also hand painted pots, and fun plant labels and also cat plant animals for that special furry friend of yours…

Last but not least are the plants themselves every plant you see is for sale OH except the orchids in hanging baskets, there are lots of potted herbs and vegetables plus fruit trees and lots of flowers edibles as well as display…

Melinda: Well I can see how you would be busy here as it is truly beautiful and the layout makes you want to wander everywhere and check out what is around each corner did you plan it like this?

Lorelei: Yes if you had a Birdseye view you would see the garden is based on a huge SunBurst Mandala each area leads to another and then there are areas within the areas it really is a lot of FUN…

Melinda: Well it has been a pleasure doing this interview with you and we wish you all the best and we would love to do a follow up interview in 6months just to see what else has happened.

Lorelei: I would LOVE that now let’s go and pick you a bunch of flowers to take back to the office and look here is a beautiful salad freshly picked and made here from the garden for you to have for lunch with a couple of english cheese scones aloha🌺

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