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Week Eighteen The Master Key Experience so far…


What shapes?

Red Circle, Yellow Square, Blue Rectangle and a Green Triangle on an A4 sheet of paper with a compass in the middle.

A Compass?

YES…This REminds us to LIVE by the Compass and not BY the Clock, actually you stick a compass over your watch (if you wear one) OR just wear a compass if you don’t, it’s a NEW fashion statement!

A Looking Glass?

Will someone who is reading this notice that this explanation is missing????

Back to the SHAPES, so I printed out 8 sheets of these shapes and put into each shape 2 of my PPN’s and 2 of my AP’s (action plans) connected to those PPN’s and put them up all over our place in HIGH traffic areas including on the dash of my car, so when I’m sitting at my desk working or driving my car or cleaning my teeth in the bathroom (which is not AMerican for the toilet) but a place where there is a bath and a wash basin…I can TOUCH the shapes and read what is written in each. After doing this several times you get to REMEMBER what is written in each card and it becomes EFFORTLESS. We get to change the SHAPES up abit later removing the writing in two of them on each page and changing their location…The thing about the SHAPES is that you BEGIN to see them EVERYwhere it’s about the colour as I can see a tree and see all of the Green Triagles making up the tree, the Blue ocean becomes a sea of Blue Rectangles and so on…

INDEX CARDS like 300 of them to begin with…WTF 300? YIP but in Reality more like 600+


So on these index cards we write 30x Kool stuff that we have DONE in OUR lives…like snorkeling in the Great Barrier Outer Reef, Exploring Mumbai, Paraglided in FNQLD, Rode sidecar racing motor bikes etc. Also bits n pieces of our PPN’s n AP’s missing the shape OR date OR heading, Also some of our AFFIRMations: “Do it NOW”, ” I CAN be what I WILL to be”, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”, “a specific plan for a total body makeover”, “I am in the FLOW of GIVING With and RECEIVING” then to this we added a SHAPE on each Index card, SHUFFLE the whole lot and then FLASH card them, you know like when you just started school and you were learning new words? I do this several times a day….Adding more KOOL stuff I’ve done like another 120x more things. Then later I added 3 affirmations each day, then something nice that happened that day, then I shuffled them and did FLASH cards again by now I have two piles of cards…

BUT WAIT there are more things to ADD…A question? “What am I pretending not to know”?

With this card we are now stacking the deck so I begin each pile with that being the TOP card, next I add a question card “what would the future person I intend to become do now”?

know I have jumped ahead with the index card progression, BUT hey let’s get the card thing sorted! All of the time shuffling, shuffling, flashing, flashing as many times a day as I can…Its actually way kool reading these cards and reliving those moments of KOOL stuff, AFFIRMations etc.


WE begin to call this a CHORE card just to get into the groove, but then change it to a SERVICE card, makes more sense as who like to do chores? But EVERYone can perform a service, so every week we add a service “TO DO” before the following Sunday Webinar.

With this exercise I have found that I personally am keeping all of my promises I say I will keep, before I would write out a goal OR promise and it would not happen the due date would come & go and I would be a failure, but using this Index Card Service Card I am completing my chosen services and sometimes it’s not I completing them, the thought is out there everyday and sometimes someone else picks up the thought vibe and they do the service. On this card and every other thing we have written out we put on the top “I promise to” and on the bottom “I always keep my promises” this keeps us on track to only doing what we promise to say we are going to do! On the back of these cards we write at the top”I promise to manifest…then your two PPN’s in the middle then down the bottom “I always keep my promises” and sign it.

2x Index Cards with “I am in the FLOW of GIVING and RECIEVING” AFFIRMations “I promise to keep two promises” I L?VE these four promises…they definitely keep you in the FLOW…

The MOVIE BOARD & Index Card…

What we’re off to the MOVIES? WooHoo!

YES we are BUT its OUR Movie…So we print out pictures of what it is that our FUTURE-Self is doing, through in a few of those SHAPES and put that up in a HIGH traffic area, also writ out a short scene by scene action plan of our DMP on YES you got it a Index Card.


Holy this seems like a lot of work! YES but it becomes EFFORTLESS which is to say everything FLOWS with no effort is just becomes DONE…

A recording at intervals of your short movie version DMP, AFFIRMations, SHAPES with what is written in each to music of your choice and then playing this to yourself while EXERCISING…


We are using the 7 WAYS in which humans learn, we are bombarding our Subconcious with information in different ways, all connecting to manifest our FUTURE SELF…

7 WAYS? Yes…Spatially, Musically, Interpersonally, Intrapersonal, Mathmatically, Linguistically and Athletically, Can you see HOW we are using all of these methods in the above post Part2 and in the Part1 post?

BUT wait there’s MORE…

Reading A lesson each week from Charles Hanaal’s Master Keys, Reading ALOUD with ENTHUSiasm Our BPB Blue Print Builder, MasterMinding with others, Blogging and Sharing on Social Media, Learning the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Mind and doing the Mental Diet by Being the WatchGuard over our own minds by being an OBSERVER with NO OPINIONS and then there is the SIT…

WOW the Journey has started!

I will write more on my MKMMA Journey soon, this is coming into Week19 and it just gets better and better…

I am Totally GrateFul for The Master Key Experience

Week Seventeen Guest Blogger Paul Enos

Master Key Week 17 – Greatest Showman

A co-worker  at my Sweetie’s work mentioned that she and her husband went to see the Greatest Showman  and really enjoyed it and said the music was awesome.  My Sweetie enjoys musicals and wanted to see it.

“The Greatest Showman” is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. Inspired by the ambition and imagination of P.T. Barnum, “The Greatest Showman” tells the story of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

We went to see the movie this past Sunday that didn’t conflict with the start of the Master Key webinar.  I didn’t know anything about the movie.

Last week was Kindness week, and this week we had to choose a new word from the Franklin Makeover.  My word for the week was decisiveness.  When I started looking for decisions on Monday, there was such an abundance that could not possibly check them off.  Just driving to work I started thinking about the decisions made while in the car.   The decision to start the car, listen to radio, CD, MP3, audio book, turn on window defroster, or have it warm your feet and blow at your face.  Use lights, direction signals, horn. etc.  I looked at houses and started thinking about decisions people make regarding houses, the decision to buy, rent, the neighborhood they want to live in.  The decisions made to decorate the house, what temperature they set the house at, the type of heat they use.

I could write an easily write a 10 page blog on different decisions but I don’t want to bore you.  I am sure you get the picture.

Anyway back to the movie.  As I mentioned, I didn’t know anything about the movie.  Once the movie started all I could think about was the Master Keys, as I am writing this blog four days after the movie; I am thinking about all the references to the Master Keys and the Franklin Makeover.

P.T. Barnum had all the qualities from the Franklin Makeover:

  • Self-Control
  • Discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Persistance
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Decisiveness
  • Well-Organized
  • Taking Initiative
  • Pleasing Personality
  • See God in Others

I also noticed in the movie

  • A Master Mind Alliance
  • Definite Major Purpose
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Service to Others

I guess from all the readings, index cards, listening to recordings I am starting to become more aware.

I am also aware that I really enjoyed this movie.  🙂

My wish for you is that you are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Healthy, Harmonious and Happy!!

Have a great week!!

With Love,


Week Fourteen: going to the movies American football style


YES it’s true we get to go to the Movies this week…

I have Netflix Live Streaming so there was only one movie I could watch “RUDDY” Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, Notre Dame player #45

So the story is about a kid who grows up with a DREAM to play American Football for Notre Dame…his DMP

Now how is he going to make this happen? By sheer persistence, he will do what ever it takes which he doesn’t find out till 1/2 way through the movie how hard this is going to be, he has a best friend who keeps him on track and totally believes he WILL do this, he has some serious odds to go up against the first and major one is none of his family has ever gone to university they “just weren’t meant to people like them” even his father believes this, so this is what he is installing in the children…”we are foundry people” nothing wrong with this, we make a good living from it”

Well Rudy wanted MORE for his life…He DARED to DREAM BIG.

His grades at school were not enough to get him to Norte Dame the university where his Dream Football Team resided…So he became a foundry worker like the rest of his brothers and his best friend…it wasn’t until his friend died in an accident that Rudy made the decision to follow his DREAM, he got on a bus, went to Norte Dame and did whatever it took, he had a plan to get good grades then get accepted I to Notre Dame where he could play for his Dream Team…After failing several times, he finally gets accepted.

His persistence is amazing BUT he never gives up…training, studying, believing…UNTIL nearly the very end of the story with a little help from his friends he realises he is living his dream he is studing at Notre Dame University and IS Playing for his Dream Team he just hasn’t been in uniform and on the sidelines…

His time comes though as this tough little guy with the support of the rest of the team who totally respects what he does, stands up to the new coach and gives their jerseys up so Rudy can take one of their places on the team…long story short Rudy gets to ‘uniform up’ and gets to lead the team onto the field…He is totally stoked with this, this is his DREAM all of his hard work has led to this Day, then with only 7seconds to go he gets a chance to go o to the field and PLAY…

This guy went totally against all of the odds you could throw at one person, with a DREAM, HARD WORK and all of the PERSISTENCE one person could hold within themselves and more, he DID IT, he KICKED that old blue print right in the arse where it withered and died and STEPPED into his NEW SELF…

Week Twelve: The FUTURE YOU in the BathRoom Mirror

Standing infont of a mirror for 50mins affirming who YOU are in the Future…WOW ok set the timer and GO…….

One sentence, My voice, One mirror, One timer

Why was I doing this on a Sunday morning? How did this happen? Who is this person?

This is not my beautiful house…this is not my beautiful wife…How did I Get HERE?

I start off with gustO, the first 32 minutes fly by…the next 10 minutes I am laughing my head off this is just too funny…I’m getting delirious…my facial expressions are changing…I’m starting to actually tip my imaginary coffee into my mouth and TASTE it…Holy I will be bouncing off the walls drinking this many coffees, the last part of my sentence is “drinking GREAT coffee mmmm”

The last 9 minutes seem to drag I am getting tired all this hand waving and excitement…the coffee hasn’t kicked in…

WHAT? You chose to do this exercise come on don’t give up now…step it up a notch get EXCITED…


Then beep beep beep my alarm for 50mins goes off…NO I’m back in the Groove AFFIRMING MY FUTURE SELF downstairs…I can hear Mark begin the webinar again…I return to my seat and see what is happening…people are sharing their experiences, the JOY, the TEARS, the AWAKENINGS, the OWNERSHIP…I like hearing other people’s success stories?

All the things that we have done in our lives that we have completed, that we DO because of LOVE…Quick write it down, get out the “flash cards” return to your inner child, get creative, coloured pens, and memories…


This IS Week Twelve…Gratulations on getting this far and being able to see YOUR FUTURE self ? Now time to start shopping for my suit to wear in Las Vegas in March 2015 I want to look SENSATIONAL?