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Week Fifteen Guest Blogger Kendra Bordelon

This is Kendra’s 3rd time through the Master Key Experience…Always Learning…

MKE #3 – Week 15 – Permission to live

Why is it I think I must DIE before I give myself permission to LIVE?

From the beginning of the day.

Before I have decided to announce my wakingness to the world.

I am listening.

For that which feels in alignment with what I love most.

The life I love living.

If I prepare myself to recieve it

in all its clarity from within my mind’s eye

Will it come to me ?

Is it already there waiting, fully formed for me to come get it.

If so, perhaps i must take up a pick-ax and chip away.

Or do I think it up myself.

C.Haanel, author of the Masterkey System says

“The finite can not inform the infinite.”

Does that mean I do not instruct the universe

on what it is I want.

The universe already knows.

No need to write a letter to Santa.

He already has the present wrapped and ready for you to open.

Will you be Open?


conditions, conditions.

The backwards thinking is going on maybe.

I find myself in a dynamic of conditional love.

Conditions must be right for it to work like this.

Henry Ford has shown up many times to let me know,

“If you think you CAN”T or you think you CAN, You’re right!”

Well, Subby and its peptide are loud and wild sometimes.

I must detach from everything to see what I realley want right now.

And time.

Oh my goodness, such an interesting idea.

Soooo, many ideas attached to this and this time of the day.

What is the best time to do this or that.

The compass guides me, except when I abandone it.

Why would i do this?

The phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat’

come to mind.

When I am at the very top of my game,

I seem to grow restless to loosen the grip of

what momentum I am in to wander down a new

unfamiliar path out of wondering

‘what is this’?

What is all here?

What all is here?

What all is there?

What else exists?

What else can i do?

Can I do this, and that?

At the same time, how much, how far,

I keep pushing the limit until

the progress i built so far

crumbles in the background.

Then, I say


Week Seventeen: MKMMA check list and what it means to me Part1


I give MYself Permission to be Honest?

Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman’

when we were first given this assignment, buy 2x copies of this book one for a work book the other to be kept  by your bed…BUT do not read the first scroll until told to do so…

WHOA Shut the Front Door!

I am an avid book reader besides coffee and gardening books are up there in my top 3 L?VEs, so for me to stop, like really stop and NOT keep reading was a test of my ability to follow orders…WOW I’ve never been good at that one, but hey we as humans can change ourselves at any time we choose…I actually found it a lot easier than I imagined it would be, I read all of the chapters up to the first scroll…We were then told we were going to read this scroll 3x a day EVERYday for a month and one of the reads the night time one was going to be out loud…I got this…then after the second weeks worth of reading, we were told to take the word WILL out, It changed the whole chapter it bought all of the sentences into the present this was interesting…I actually found myself taking the WILL word out of everything I read…

The DMP…the what?

Short for Definite Major Purpose OR Dhama

We were to write out what it is we wanted in our lives…choosing some PPN’s

Some what?

Pivotal Personal Needs, there were a few to choose from:

legacy, autonomy, helping others, spiriatual growth, liberty, true health and recognition for creative expression.

So our DMP was eventually after re-writes and  re-do’s going to be a tidy 400 words…Yeah Right!

For me this took at least 5-6 weeks I was tweaking it, changing it altogether, as my guide questioned parts of it, (we were all given a guide to help us with how to make it in the NOW and make sure our language was correct in asking for what we really wanted) after like the 6th week I SAID to myself “WHO’s bloody DMP is this? As it’s not YOURS it’s someone else’s wanting to please everyone else, this is not YOU, WHERE did you go? Is anybody really out there?

 Sooo I changed one of my PPN’s and VOILA everything flowed from that moment on. I have tweaked it down to 400 words and REPEAT it aloud at least once a day out loud from the roof tops if need be…

Its funny though as I’m progressing through the weeks and I read my DMP I feel another change happening, it’s like “REALLY this is what you really really truly truly WANT? Hmmmph I feel a re-write about to happen, it’s just that stuff changes you re-access what it OR who YOU REALLY ARE, your own memories are being AWAKEned…

Here I am thinking yeah I’m this SUPER successful presidents team leader earning the BIG bucks, traveling around the world, sharing and drinking GR8 coffee…I do really like this Ideal of the future me BUT the TRUE ME that made this journey to this EARTH is a writer a plant nurturer a healer and a memory awakener and a teacher.

The BPB…the what?

The BluePrint Builder.

So this course is all about changing our OLD BluePrint by tricking our sub concious into believing life within a NEW BluePrint, it’s bloody BRILLIANT actually…so the BPB is read aloud everyday affirming to ourselves that the life we choose for our future self is already manifest, we see it, feel it, taste it and ARE it!

A lot of Mumbo Jumbo right?

Nope Little Black Sambo’s Mum n Dad are nowhere to be seen, but sometimes you can see rings of butter under the banana trees…

This course is backed up with lots of scientific gobble de gook, some interesting and well known characters too, Napolean Hill, John Wooden, Haanel, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Emmet Fox plus a few more.

The Shapes

What shapes?

Red Circle, Blue Rectangle, Green Triangle and Yellow Square…check out my next post Part 2 for the answers…