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Week#13 #MasterKeyExperience Gratitude and Movies

Aloha WOW the Week#13 just Flew By…

We are into Week#14 and I still hadn’t posted Week#13


I have been keeping an online #365 days of gratitude for the whole year of 2015 EveryDay I write up on FaceBook what I have been Grateful for during the day, I have friends who check it and to them I am Grateful….

I have also been writing 3 Daily Gratitudes on individual index cards I NOW too like MarkJ, Davene and a few others have 1000’s of Index Cards, I set them up in bundles and get to read through each and everyone of them during the year…

You know what I am Grateful for the MOST for this year and this wont change as there are only 4days left?



To LIVE in Gratitude EveryDay marvelous things happen, you are taken on a wondrous journey and everything is ALIVE, you notice more, you are happy and the world around you is abundant with divine beauty…I LOVE Week13 of the #MasterKeyExperience!

Be Grateful for EveryThing the good and the not so good đŸ™‚



Over the Christmas Break we get to watch some Movies, now since this is one of my favorite things to do, I immediately checked out the 2 movies I hadn’t watched yet…




So grabbing the PopCorn and some Coconut Water getting comfy and I’ll write reviews in my next Blog Post đŸ™‚

Im finishing with a link to My mentor MarkJ’s Week13 Blog and I am totally Grateful to be a part of this MY Hero’s Journey and Yours “Live Your Dream”

Week Eight: No TV this for me is totally easy…

No TV…

…hmmm haven’t had a TV for 15yrs or so, I have 2x TV screens though…one is for my laptop and the other is strictly for MOVIES…When I was told NO TV for a week…I thought yeah this is a breeze but then the next statement ALL electronic devices to be used for business only!

Sirens…Red Lights…HOLY…HANG ON…what?

NO MOVIES now this was going to be one of those winning moments, times for celebration when I get through the week without having watched ONE movie?

ok I can do this, I CAN do this, I am the creator of my universe I CAN DO THIS!

NOW this is big I LOVE movies…But let’s just roll with this, it’s about changing stuff up…I let my husband know what I was doing and the first words out of his mouth were “well looks like I’m doing parts of this course too” I chose the path less traveled the law of substitution…” “I really appreciate that, that you are supporting me in this exercise babe thanks I Love You heaps” ?

Hmmm what could he say when I broadsided him with L?VE?

NOW those bloody shapes…OK use you IMAGINation little miss sunshine and get creative ?