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Week Sixteen Guest Blogger Leimomi Wheeler

Week 16

Aloha nui Week 16:) Shout out to all our MKMMA peeps for focusing on and practicing aulike/kindness this week…give more, get more. Enjoy observing aulike that surrounds us everyday and in every way.

MKE Part 16, mahalo nui for dropping deep ‘ike/knowledge…upon what does wealth depend? upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought. its true value consists upon its exchange value and success depends upon spiritual power which this power depends on use; use determines its existence. how may we take our fate out of the hands of chance? by consciously realizing the conditions which we desire to see manifested in our lives. what then is the great business of life? THINKING; scientific correct thinking that is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it. 



Week#8 The FLIP with LOVE

MarkJ said ‘flip an 8 on it’s side and you get the infinity sign’

Well I say ‘then add the words LOVE’

Then you get LOVE infinitum!


Week#8 is for me all about getting it all done, making the connections with the shapes, colours, POA cards, DMP charged with feelings and emotions, the MOVIE Board, ‘giving and receiving’, the 7 laws of the mind, being the always ready ‘watch keeper’ at the gate to my mind with the mental diet, living by my newly acquired  compass (Thanks SherryB),  ‘uplifting my mind with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages’, ‘feeding my soul with meditation and prayer’ (Thanks Og Mandino), the readings, the gal in glass, then tying it all together with movement and music WOW how does it get any better than this?

Well it can and does with LOVE!

The magic ingredient is LOVE sprinkle it, splash it, dose it, drown it all in LOVE 🙂

Like my favorite poet Rumi says…


I believe the most powerful thing within us all is LOVE

So go within FEEL your LOVE and SHARE it with everyone you come into contact with…

Og Mandino said it “silently say I Love You” let it shine in your eyes, un-wrinkle your brow and bring a smile to your lips and an echo in your voice.


I always keep my promises…lorelei sunshine

Week ThirtyFour: First Class…In, Along and Out…

We were Born First Class…Why do we settle for anything less?

Most of the time its because OUR Parents did, and this is where some of our WORST Habits were formed…Bless their Hearts they were only working with the knowledge they had at that time…Thank the Goddess OR whomever you like that as we get older WE get to choose our Teachers of this OUR Life Experience as a Spirit inside of a HU-Man Body…

SO YES its my BornDay Month the WONDER-filled Month of JUNE…StarSign Gemini ruled by the forever FUN-Filled Quick Moving Mercury…

So much is going on the Month with Friends Celebrating their Born Days, Travel, A BIG Wedding, Anniversaries, Shopping, GIFT giving and receiving, CAKE, Flowers, SUN, BIG South Shore SURF, SUMMER is on its way…and yes even a few Angels receiving their wings to return to whence they came…

For me it all starting this year in May with the tagalong Taurean’s jumping on the Gemini BDay Month, and my sister Queenie sending me an early Gift as she thought I would definitely want to take it away to my BirthDay Destination CUBA! To all my fellow Gemini sista’s n bro’s I LOVE you all and YES there are lots of us and WE all know who we are 🙂

Lots of packing and sending parcels to California for the UP in coming BIG Wedding Celebration (more on this a few posts away) and to Oregon for the Boys winter treats, and the Gemini BDay gifts yet unsent…

The days are being counted until we leave to go to the airport BUT before that on the 7th June there is a Colour Code Training with the Masters MarkJ and Davene…OH did I mention I am going to be a Guide within the Master Key Experience here on Kauai feel free to message me about this if you want to know MORE are YOU ready for MORE?

Sooo…the training was AMAZing glad i did have a heads up on it though first here from the MKMMA Retreat 🙂 Loving all that is being awakened within me…Gratitude 🙂

9th June…

Pre Party Time…Bamboo Bar n Grill 5:30 pm for Happy Hour Pupu’s n Cocktails!…I am totally blown away by everyone that turned up OR messaged to say they weren’t  able to make it…WHAT a BLAST so much LOVE, Fun and the meetings of new friends re-met LOVing my Friends!

10th June…

YaY awaken to the sounds of YIP if you’ve been to Kauai the Rooster’s Crowing…”Stone the Roosters”…Shower and Jess drops us off at the airport bright and early 🙂 Time to Chillax with my Love and ENJOY some quiet time and an ICY COLD beer from the new outside bar at the airport!

Our plane is Boarding…NOW this is where the 1st Class experience is beginning all the way to CUBA and Back…YES 1st class seats…Lihue to LA, LA to Cancun, Cancun to CUBA – CUBA to Cancun, Cancun to LA, LA to Honolulu then Honolulu to Kauai…”would you like anything to drink before the plane leaves?”

I am Grateful to my Husband Warwick my Merman for me the Mermaid, my lover, my friend for ALL that you do and YES this trip to CUBA is all about ME…Love you to the BEST waves you’ve ever ridden and the one’s YET to come…1st Class Baby here we GO!!!

The Time in-between the Weeks to come: Be the ADVENTruer

Just returned home to our Summer Island of Kauai from my Home of Aotearoa NZ  and wanted to keep my Blog Posting going…

Having Completed 6 months of Master Minding with the Awesome MKMMA team; Mark J, The Fabulous Davene, Trish, Derek, Dayna with all of the Guides AND importantly all of the MKMM’ers who started, dropped out and finished along side of me, I am truly GRATEFUL for the opportunity that presented itself and I answered gumboots n all…

YES I stepped up and claimed my QUEST into “My Journey” to rediscover Who I am and Why I am here…

LOVED having my MEMories re-awakened…

We get so caught up in the Day 2 Day Living we FORget to LIVE…

I have Slayed Dragons, Rescued Prince and Princesses alike, Drunk from the cup of NOW, hold my SWORD (even if it is made of a Kowhai tree branch) up HIGH, and LAUGH at the WORLD for YES it is TRUE “I AM Natures Greatest Miracle”

LIVING life as a SOUL with a HUMAN Body

My Quest into my DHARMA is Happening!

I’ll keep you all posted on the story and when my Book goes to print…

BE an ADVENTruer

Week Nine: TRUTH

Liar Liar pants on FIRE!

I have always had this thing about the Truth…I have said to my friends “don’t ask me to lie for you as I just can’t do it”… it just never felt right and YES I did do it to see if I could…I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I was all nervous and it wasn’t even face to face it was over the phone…my lies had stopped before they could take over the way I spoke with people, for this I’m grateful ?

I’m just straight up, ask me a question & you may not get the answer you were looking for “do I look fat in these jeans?” “Hell YES what are you thinking?  “Wear that beautiful black dress it looks stunning on you”



I have found myself being not nice, actually down right nasty at times…feeding those hungry angry filled peptides…Always blaming someone else for the situation I found myself in, ungrateful, whinging, unhappy, tired, sore, sorry-arse excuse for a human being…wanting to jump on a plane and leave this island and go somewhere where I was loved and appreciated!

What a croc o shite!

I WAS…AM… Loved and Appreciated by my husband …I’m the one who wasn’t being appreciative and loving, kind and caring…I was so caught up in mySELFS woe that I was being blinded by rage…

AT WHAT? Myself?

Holy thank the Godess for the 7second rule…Think, be a conscious being…Breathe, Re-Think, use the Law of Substitution…

This is YOUR MOVIE! Switch the scene, the characters lines, change the location USE YOUR Imagination!

Loving the re-awakening process…definitely been asleep…caught up in a daydream…


It’s time to step into the being you came here to be…I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!