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Week Six My DMP’s…DMP #4 2017-2018

I promise to…

DMP Lorelei Sunshine

My PPN’s are Liberty and Spiritual Growth

I live financially free 1.5 million per annum or more on or before June 25th 2019 from

Bronwyn and My Affirmation Mandala Cards are finished on OR before June 12th 2018 They are printed and ready to sell in stores in Australia, NZ and Hawaii also available on-line on OR before October 26th 2018.

The artwork for the Mandala Cards is completed on OR before December 31st 2017 they look amazing Bronwyn.

I sit and channel the Mandala Cards every day for 33 days from November 1st 2017

I own a successful coffee, cigar and rum club called ‘Havana Club ’65 here on Kauai on OR before November 30th 2017 it is run out of a re-done container with sits in my Garden Art Space outside the WOWHouse in Lala Road Lihue.

On OR before June12th 2018 the profit from my Havana Club ’65 is enough that I can add another container, my Havana Club ’65 grows,  I AM Excited as to where it goes.

I meet with Geoff from Havana Coffee in NZ re importing coffee, rum and cigars on OR before August 10th 2017 in Wellington. I AM excited to meet with him and work the setting up of the importing side of the club.

I AM Grateful to my husband Warwick for his designs and construction of ‘Havana Club 1965’ being the #1 supporter and partner.

I awake each day know that I honor my body I nourish it with water to keep hydrated, a good wholesome totally organic diet, lots of IRON filled Greens, I walk 5miles, stretch, cleanse then meditate going within into the silence to increase my spiritual growth I only read literature that feeds my soul I am Happy and Peace-Filled.

My relationship with my husband is loving and kind and FULL of Gratitude we go to the beach at least everyday where we share our LOVE of water.

Life is Beautiful!

…I always keep my promises

signed lorelei sunshine

Whats Happened so far?

The Art work for the Mandala Cards is complete, there is still time left to finish all of the writing on each card, they are completed by the 31st December 2017.

I met with Geoff in Wellington NZ and have set up an agreement as to importing Coffee 1st, as with the laws re: tobacco and alcohol I AM doing more research.

The 1st Havana Cafe ’65 is going to be in a small bus His name is Hemingway YES after one of my favorite authors Ernest Hemingway. Bus is purchased, Safety Check, Registration and Commercial Insurance done.  Whilst in Oregon state in October I did research on machines and grinders at Lamazocca and sorted someone here to service in the Hawai’ian Islands. The interior has been striped out, cleaning has begun and a mock up of the cafe in place IT’s EXCITING!

And YES my husband Warwick and I are in the water not quite everyday as there have been some cold days BUT definitely ALOT 🙂

aloha lorelei sunshine


Week ThirtyFive: Going Back in time to 1959…Cuba 2015 Before the American’s arrive.

The curtain opens...

The curtain opens…

As we board an  Ilyushin Il-96-300s with Cubana de Aviación (Cuban Airlines) this is the 1st step back in time…

It has a two class configuration…this is a big wide body four engine long haul aeroplane…The 1st class seats are UNreal like big lounge chairs so comfortable I went to sleep as soon as that big baby left the ground feeling totally safe and secure.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for landing…OMG I am so excited I have waited for this moment to arrive for awhile, funny when you get into the FLOW its amazing how quickly you can manifest your dreams with a little help from my Merman…

‘I multiply my value a hundredfold’ a quote from Og Mandino

I multiply traveling to AMAZing Places lots 🙂

Through customs with a BIG Welcoming Smile…Mind you we are traveling on our Kiwi Passports.

Change some $US into CUC’s (Cuban Tourist Dollars) find a cab then into the city of Havana to our Hotel The Saratoga…As we travel First Class and it’s my BornDay Month I wanted to stay in Luxurious Style and Comfort and that is exactly what our Hotel is, old style opulence, the paintings, the carpets, the lighting, the door-man and the First Class service…

I’m in Heaven in Havana on my 50th BirthDay with my Merman Warwick…

We go to the room and dump our bags have a quick wash…”lets go to the bar for a drink, Happy Birthday to me”

The bar is beautiful, totally old world charm and our barman Randy…OH yeah ladies watch out what a dream, white shirt, bow tie and smoldering cuban blue eyes PHEW! We order coffee, rum and WHY NOT…a Cigar ! Its a birthday gift from blue eyes 🙂

Yip now we’re talking, this is exactly where I wanted to be when I turned 50…its 3am and Life Is GOOD!

Around 11am we wake up…Open our curtains to….WOW its everything and more than I could have imagined check out the architecture and those cars…American 50’s Classic’s everywhere, some are mintO and others are belching black smoke and just bearly moving, its like watching an old 50’s Black n White movie BUT in HOT Cuban Colour!

We decide to go look for breakfast and not half a dozen steps from the hotel door we are swept away into the local scene by ….. a music teacher OR as he likes to be known a Profesor de Musica, he takes us to the local market where he gets a bunch of banana’s for me (I was saying to Warwick up in the room “all i want is a bunch of banana’s” ‘Ask and you shall Receive’) and a beautiful exotic flower…then its onto a bar which supposedly was in the Buena Vista Social Club NOT! I do know abit about Cuba, BUT I’m rolling with it as it’s FUN) where we dance to Cuban music and drink more Rum inspired cocktails… WELL it is my BirthDay!

He asks Warwick if he’d like to buy cigars? THERE are a few things NOT to do in Cuba…BUY anything from anyone on the Street (unless you know them) Warwick says yeah he’ll have a look…BOOM he just bought a $40 bundle of ‘El CrappO’ Cigars! So called Colosso’s,  Fidel’s choice of  Cigars…BaBAM! Wrong!  Anyone who knows anything about Fidel Castro, knows he smoked Cohiba Esplendido…Gotta get street smart baby!  I didn’t care as I was having a Blast, dancing and laughing and having FUN this is what I came here for LIFE is ONE BIG ADVENTURE!

Oh our barman was a huge Russian guy named Vladimir who just kept the cocktails rolling…(for those of you who don’t know me I don’t drink much anymore just the odd cocktail OR two) BUT Cuban Rum I got turned onto by some really good friends Pipi and Geoff from Wellington a very long time ago and I do LOVE it so lets see what happens with that 🙂

We decided to ditch our random tour guide and go explore on our own, the architecture is Unreal you feel like you are in Spain or Italy Or St Petersburg, some of it is standing and being renovated but then right next door is a crumbling mausoleum its definitely a contrast of done and undone…

The people are all happy and colorful, laughing OR singing as they go about their daily shuffle…I have spotted two people totally clothed in white immaculately all in white hmmm who are these people? (I find out later that they are like fortune tellers, shaman, the story keepers) I am being the silent observer and taking it all in…

Its hot and sticky (I personally LOVE these temperatures reminds me of Far North QueensLand) we decide to go up to the pool and hang out for awhile before finding somewhere to go for dinner…

It’s another WOW moment,the view from the rooftop is AMAZing, we will just stay here for dinner I’m thinking…watch the sunset and drink rum YIP more rum…I am totally in a happy place and all of the waitstaff are so helpful. genuine and real they are not trying to impress anyone they are doing the best that they do LIVING right in the NOW (this is one thing I love when I go to other countries especially bordering on the third worldish, the people are all about what’s happening NOW no past tripping no future tripping…living each moment RIGHT NOW)

Time for sleeping…to re-awake within my Dreamland of Cuba tomorrow…what will it bring?

I am Grateful to Warwick my Merman for this ADVENTURE shared together…I LOVE you to the Best Waves and Back xxx