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Week#22 Going in2 the Silence Eyes Wide Open


Right back to the first lesson of the course we were given an exercise to sit perfectly still for 15 minutes to 1/2 and hour, we were to continue to do this for 3-4 days OR a week until we secured FULL CONTROL of our physical body.

WHY you ask?

Well when you can secure control over the physical body we can begin to control our thoughts, by inhibiting all thought of care, worry and fear then we will be able to enable only the kind of thoughts we desire…We appear to be more calm no twitching, foot taping, hair twirling etc…When we are calm we can focus more and then direct our thoughts to manifest all we desire.

It is about cause and effect: our mental is the cause and the world around us is the effect, thus we must work with the cause (our mind) should we want to remedy the effect. Charles F Haanel

Sounds pretty AWEsome doesn’t it?

So What Next?

As you go through a sequence of exercises to sit still, to inhibit all thought, to release physical tension, letting go of all negative emotions then visualizing your inner sanctum where you can ask questions…get clarity…so much can happen here in the silence.

I look forward to hearing about any of your experiences in your silence…

This week we are asked to spend more time in the silence to take time out of the busy lives we all have for ourselves, not just a 1/2 hour but a whole day OR a couple of days OR more…

The results you come away with are TOTALLY worth anything you had to sort with work and family to get there.  Hopefully sooner than later you will experience this YOU time.

I LOVE the silence and I go there often, this is where everything I want answered is presented…I am truly blessed that I can slip into the void whenever I want to, I appreciate and love all of the people with whom I have done this with and there have been many, some of you are reading this blog post right now…I hold all of those memories wherever I AM.


This is me getting ready to meditate high up in the Sahyadr (or the Western Gnats) near the Mulshi Dam, Maharashtra, India. I wanted to practice my yogic studies intensively and removing myself completely from the noise and distractions of Life. I will write about my experience there some other time…


Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE

This week we got to experience going “Into the World WithIn”

This is a place of Peace, Joy and Bliss

Being Unconsciously Conscious

What Happens?

For Me…I Just AM

Totally in the moment of NOW

All movement stops, all questions are answered, all things unknown-known

It just IS





Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE

Here is a collection of Beautiful Indian Prayers for Women Preformed by my friend Karn Amrita, who lives, studies, preforms throughout India and the World…EnJoy…