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Week Seventeen Guest Blogger Paul Enos

Master Key Week 17 – Greatest Showman

A co-worker  at my Sweetie’s work mentioned that she and her husband went to see the Greatest Showman  and really enjoyed it and said the music was awesome.  My Sweetie enjoys musicals and wanted to see it.

“The Greatest Showman” is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. Inspired by the ambition and imagination of P.T. Barnum, “The Greatest Showman” tells the story of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

We went to see the movie this past Sunday that didn’t conflict with the start of the Master Key webinar.  I didn’t know anything about the movie.

Last week was Kindness week, and this week we had to choose a new word from the Franklin Makeover.  My word for the week was decisiveness.  When I started looking for decisions on Monday, there was such an abundance that could not possibly check them off.  Just driving to work I started thinking about the decisions made while in the car.   The decision to start the car, listen to radio, CD, MP3, audio book, turn on window defroster, or have it warm your feet and blow at your face.  Use lights, direction signals, horn. etc.  I looked at houses and started thinking about decisions people make regarding houses, the decision to buy, rent, the neighborhood they want to live in.  The decisions made to decorate the house, what temperature they set the house at, the type of heat they use.

I could write an easily write a 10 page blog on different decisions but I don’t want to bore you.  I am sure you get the picture.

Anyway back to the movie.  As I mentioned, I didn’t know anything about the movie.  Once the movie started all I could think about was the Master Keys, as I am writing this blog four days after the movie; I am thinking about all the references to the Master Keys and the Franklin Makeover.

P.T. Barnum had all the qualities from the Franklin Makeover:

  • Self-Control
  • Discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Persistance
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Decisiveness
  • Well-Organized
  • Taking Initiative
  • Pleasing Personality
  • See God in Others

I also noticed in the movie

  • A Master Mind Alliance
  • Definite Major Purpose
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Service to Others

I guess from all the readings, index cards, listening to recordings I am starting to become more aware.

I am also aware that I really enjoyed this movie.  🙂

My wish for you is that you are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Healthy, Harmonious and Happy!!

Have a great week!!

With Love,


Week Sixteen Guest Blogger Leimomi Wheeler

Week 16

Aloha nui Week 16:) Shout out to all our MKMMA peeps for focusing on and practicing aulike/kindness this week…give more, get more. Enjoy observing aulike that surrounds us everyday and in every way.

MKE Part 16, mahalo nui for dropping deep ‘ike/knowledge…upon what does wealth depend? upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought. its true value consists upon its exchange value and success depends upon spiritual power which this power depends on use; use determines its existence. how may we take our fate out of the hands of chance? by consciously realizing the conditions which we desire to see manifested in our lives. what then is the great business of life? THINKING; scientific correct thinking that is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it. 



Week ThirtyNine: The Wedding

So Everything has been leading up to this moment THE DAY

The Family get togethers with the Dinners, Breakfasts, Lunches that is one thing we all LOVE to do is to eat…

In-Between all of this I am nourishing my Soul with my MasterKeys Studies I can slip off away from the Kaos into my Quiet Silence and commune with my secret council or with my future self, Life is GOOD…

EveryOne is getting ready and before we know it we are OFF to the temple to do the Wedding Photos before the ceremony…this goes so smoothly, its AMAZing as EveryOne is in totally matching colors from the White of Kelly’s Dress to the Beige of Scotts Suit with Navy Blues, Chocolate Browns, Apricots and Grey’s with splashes of bright red & yellow in Earrings to a Plaid Bow- Tie the photos will be Stunning!

Self Realization FellowShipTemple

Self Realization FellowShipTemple

Inside the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple on the facing wall all of the Master Guruji’s are present even the Great Carpenter, The ceremony is so DeeVine and Love filled there are tears flowing freely and plenty of laughter…

EveryOnes attention is fully here in this moment in time…Blessings Be…

Week ThirtyOne: 1st CLASS All the Way Baby!

We all of us know what its like to go to a Tropical Island for a week-two week long Retreat OR Holiday right?

 If you haven’t been to a Tropical Island just go to the place you would go…

So much is going on as soon as you leave your home…This is when the EXCITEMENT really kicks IN, as you are FINALLY on your way to the AirPort…

Lets skip the AirPort Part (the only good thing about an AirPort is THAT’s where the Plane IS…OH and the people watching OF course 🙂 WE find ourselves already in our seat, baggage stowed, smiling up at the Hostie who is asking us what we would like to drink before we take off…YES we are traveling 1st Class as “WE ARE BORN 1st Class and OUR life we are CHOOSing IS FIRST CLASS!” We get our drink and nibbles and start FUTURE Tripping about who we will meet, what our room is like, what the food will be like, what is on the island, what the Island will be like, what will we wear to each day of the retreat, will people like us, will I find someone who I Really Really Really like to MasterMind and Hang with?????

All of these questions are running RIOT Right?

Without Expectations YOUR plane ride will be BLISS-Filled, YOU will RELAX and ENJOY…YOU will BE in the MOMENT…”Gotta Luv It” warwick gray “NO Expectations” IT just IS in this moment in PERfect HARmony…

Arrival Time the landing gear is Down…KAUAI the Garden Isle…YOU are SUPER Excited now as you look out your window and glimpse the Island for the 1st time, “the SUN is shining the weather is Fine” the palm trees are swaying, the OCEAN is soooo BLUE and Inviting, as you enter the cute wee Island Airport the heat and smell assault your senses OH how DEE-Vine if you are anything like me YOU have a HUGE smile on your dial and you give a loud appreciative YEOW…..

  Gidday UP! Giddy UP! hmmm who’s saying is that?

The retreat has begun, you register, look around for familiar faces (thank the … I’ll say Goddess you say … for FaceBook pic’s, Skype and of course the SunDay Webbie…

Meet…Greet…Eat and then GO EXPLORE…I’m in PARAdice 🙂

Days of BLISS, NEW friends made, information, PLAY, FUN,information,wuzzles too and then OH NO REALLY? its the last day…

Your back at the AirPort…On the Plane…1st Class all the way home…Your sad you are leaving BUT some of you are excited to be seeing your families again OR getting back to your jobs….REALLY on the jobs??? (Just-Over-Broke) Let’s change that to…


ARE you Really Doing what you want to be doing? Enjoying YOUR Bliss? Have YOU found YOUR Gift yet?