HOW TO Create a NewsLetter for Your Blog

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 I AM sharing my ‘How to Create a Newsletter’ using Your Email, Canva and then Aweber…

I wanted to send my private email list (friends and family) my Blog about ‘My Journey’ with The Master Key Experience so they would catch up with what I have been doing and then my ultimate goal was for them to Opt-In OR let me know via my email that they wanted to be added to my newsletter list…I tell them what to do and everyone I had sent a email to Opted-In so I know that this works 🙂

 RESOURCES: To use to help build your News Letter

  1. Digital Connections HOW TO Tutorials in your Back Office…The Diva’s have made very EASY to Follow Video Tutorials ON Aweber.
  2. AWeber Tutorial Videos Found in your AWeber back office.
  3. YouTube and Goggle

AWEBER: My Auto Mail Responder

I began researching on AWeber HOW TO actually do a newsletter as I have received lots of them from other people and companies BUT never made one myself, This wasn’t hard to sort as AWeber’s To do Video’s are easy to follow …
  1. Sign into your AWeber Account and Top Right Click ON HELP
  2. Down the bottom Click ON Strategies for Successful Campaigns
  3. Click ON Videos
  4. Click ON 4 Things to know about putting together You Email Newsletter

VOLIA! A Wealth of Information Right there and all of the other Video’s are Super useful too 🙂

EMAIL: Here is a Sample of the Email I sent to my friend Sonya in Australia…

Aloha Chicabee…
So I finally worked out how to do this newsletter about my Blog Site…Took awhile BUT I did It!
That’s persistence for you 🙂
I have copied it and pasted into my personal email list..So this is why you are receiving it…
Its a PRE-VIEW of what My Blog Post for the week is all about ‘MY Journey’ with the Master Key Experience…Hmmm Whats this You ask???
You can either Click ON the URL Link (www) for My Blog OR Click Anywhere on Newsletter and it will take you to My Blog.  WooHoo not sure how that happens but it does…
Sharing with your friends and family is AWEsome!
Commenting on my Blog Content and Sharing on Social Media is Greatly Appreciated!
At the Bottom of each Blog Post there are SHARE Buttons and a place to COMMENT…
The Ultimate Goal for me is for YOU to Subscribe at the Bottom of my Blog Post…Enter Name and Email into the Green Box…I am Building my Email List and then I’ll be able to use an autoresponder (I’m using AWeber) for future automated messages 🙂
Chicabee Critique my Newsletter for me please this is my 1st one and a trial I appreciate you taking the time and helping me out ere re: content, visual/layout etc etc etc…
Love Love Love You to the end of time and back again….  EnJoy!
lorelei sunshine
‘You Create Your Dream’

CANVA: Where you can Create Designs

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up
  3. Start Creating Designs for Your Newsletter

Some Samples of the NewsLetters I have made using Canva

 Lorelei Sunshine's Blog W20               Lorelei Sunshine's Blog W21       Lorelei Sunshine's Blog W22                Lorelei Sunshine's Blog W17HJ

AWEBER: To put it all together and send a message

  1. Sign into your AWeber Account.
  2. Check at the TOP that you have the right ‘Current List’ you will be sending to.
  3.  Click ON GREEN box ‘Create a Message.
  4. Click ON ‘Drag and Drop Email Builder. This is where you will create your Newsletter adding all your info…IT’s AWEsome! I always put the picture I have as my ‘Header’ on my Blog at the top of the page…Then add in my personal Welcome Letter…Then I attach my Newsletter…Then I add a Signature with my Photo…Lastly adding my Social Media Share Buttons.


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