Here Ye Here Ye SherryB’s Press Release

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I am sharing this Press release from one of my Tribe Member’s SherryB is “digging deep” and getting it DONE! I am so proud to be on this Journey with you Sherry 🙂

Press Release

Kauai Resident Interviewed by P.J. Jensen ~ People Magazine at Hukilau Lanai, Kapaa, HI.

The Garden Island Newspaper Posted: Tuesday May 1, 2018 3:33 pm


Time For a Change

My Name is P.J. Jensen.  I’m a Journalist for People Magazine.  It’s a Warm and clear Monday morning and I’m sitting at a corner table, at the Hukilau Lanai, inside the Beautiful Beachboy Resort in Kapaa, Hawaii.  We’re watching the Cameraman, and Electricians setting up for this long anticipated Interview with Sherry Bumgardner, and her Journey from a Retired Hairstylist, to a successful world renown Artist, earning over $1M from the sales of her Unique Pastel Paintings and Exquisite Glass Art. We want her Story of changing her Thoughts, and Energy, and how she manifested her Bliss, that she obtained from a course she participated in, called theMaster Key Experience. We, at People Magazine, are Interviewing thousands who have Jumped on the MKMMA Wave, and all have learned how to get what they truly desire in Life!

Sherry is wearing a lovely White cotton Shirt, with Black Linen Capri’s.  A one of a kind Turquoise stone necklace, she made herself, and her hair is pulled up in a loose knot on back of her head.  As she removes her Christian Dior Sunglasses, I see a face of Peace, and Happiness.  She is truly in her Bliss!   We order a couple Yummy, crisp Cosmopolitans, and I proceed with a few Questions.

PJ: Aloha Sherry, Thank You for taking the time to explain how you have achieved so much joy and abundance in such a short period of time.

SB: I’m so Happy to share the Experience!

PJ: You are the 9th of over 100 interviews I have scheduled for people just like you, who are claiming they manifested their Dreams to Reality from taking this Course. What is Master Key Experience?

SB: It’s unlike any other course!  You cannot buy it!  You receive it with a Scholarship, paid in Full by previous Students.  To Quote, Charles F. Haanel; The Master Key teaches the use of “Mind Power” true mind Power!

PJ: How long does it take to complete the Course?

SB: It takes 24 weeks with an absolute commitment to complete your weekly tasks and Honor and Trust the process.

PJ: So is this like a Cult?  With magical promises?

SB: It isn’t Magic, or Hypnotism, or any of the more or less fascinating deceptions which many are led to think that something can be had for nothing.  When a Student gains the understanding of the mental Laws, they then will come into the possession of the ability to get the results.  The Master Key is based on absolute scientific Truth!  When you apply yourself, the possibilities are unlimited!

PJ: How does someone give you this Power?

SB:  The Power is already in you!  Once I learned the Key to telling my sub-Conscience only positive and precise thoughts, it can produce Magnificent results!   You want more Happiness?  You already have it in you!

PJ:  So, Everyone should take this course?

SB: Absolutely!  No one makes it without a Mastermind.  We all need help.

PJ: This is how you have achieved your Life of Happiness & Abundance?

SB: Yes, UNLIMITED Happiness and Abundance!   It wasn’t easy!  I started off a bit leery, and luke warm. But by the 4th week, I was ready to Quit!  Not Quit like you may be thinking.  I was ready to Quit giving only 80-90% I was ready to give 100+%   I knew by then, this is how I was going to achieve my every want!  I started with all positive thoughts, not so easy in this day and age.  I then followed the entire curriculum as best as I could.  I was ridding myself of my old Blueprint and creating a new one, to manifest my New Reality!  I knew it would take my undivided attention, to achieve everything I wanted my Dharma to be.  The details had to be precise!  The Bad Habits needed to be replaced with good habits, and I loved being a Salve to them!  I also found a new desire to give more; You must give to get!  I applied myself daily , knowing I Can Be What I Will to Be.  

PJ: So it was paid for and you received an amazing Gift!  Why doesn’t everyone do this?

SB:  It wasn’t without sacrifice!  Like I said before, you have to give to get.  Most of my sacrifices were in the form of giving up some of the things I have done forever, things that were comfortable! Things that were actually holding me back,  My old Blueprint!  They weren’t easy to give up, but necessary to gain momentum, to the final results, the Brass Ring if you will,  In my case my retirement on this breathtaking island with a consistant bank account with enough money to fulfill my wildest dreams, A Mountain top Tropical Home with Magnificent Coastal views, all doing what I Love to do!  My Art makes me Happy! I Create everyday!   Giving to my favorite Charity “No Kill Animal Shelters” Brings me great Joy!  But, I believe now, my best gift to others; to Pay It Forward, so Others who are ready to apply themselves, can achieve their Dharma!

PJ: Sherry, it sounds like you did it!  You have achieved all you Dreams!  How can I get in evolved with Master Key Experience?

SB:  PJ, You’ve come to the right place…….


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5 thoughts on “Here Ye Here Ye SherryB’s Press Release

  1. kristen larsen

    I enjoyed reading about the stages you were going through with you DMP. When you used the word FAKE I could really relate. I find the most difficult thing is to honest with myself. I am grateful to have discovered MKMMA and grateful to have people like you whose thought I can read as post. It gives me the fortitude to move ahead. Thank you.

    1. loreleimk Post author

      Aloha Kristen I am glad you enjoyed reading Sherry’s Press Release I thought it was AWEsome to thats why I featured it on my blog 🙂
      I am her guide and I am SUPer Proud of her stepping onto the path and being honest with herself 🙂

  2. Wendy Tebbutt

    Hi Sherry B and Lorelei,
    That was a really AWEsome Press Release Sherry. Have you ever thought of adding “writing” to your artistic talents to be brought into the world? You kept me on the edge of my seat!! Lorelei, thanks so much for sharing Sherry’s Press Release with us.
    Mahalo, both

    1. Sherry Bumgardner

      Mahalo Wendy! I am just now learning how to navigate better on these Blogs. I actually unfriended a few people thinking I was Friending them…Duh! Anyway, again Thank You for the encouraging words. And Mahalo Lorelei for featuring my Press Release ??


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