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Week#6 Love Running Backwards

I Greet This Day With Image2   In My Heart

Running BackWards I seem to be Running BackWards OR Running Forwards but not going anywhere, what is happening? Am I awake OR am I dreaming?

I’ve been reading Og’s Scrolls for over 400 days thats 1200 readings, I LIVE these scrolls, I AM these scrolls…

Our Emotions are like the cycles of the moon NOT every day is a good day and I have been sick for the last eight of them, hopeless, depending upon my husband to do everything, in his world that means he gets to surf more, bless his board shorted body!

Being sick put everything into perspective though it really shows us how vulnerable we truly are and how when we aren’t actively moving OR doing how our minds turn everything around and up-side down…This is when that ‘old blue print’ puts on her dancing shoes and goes to town in your head spinning to a new record every 3 minutes…

I close my eyes and go to sleep OR meditate within the silence for hours OH what a bliss-filled escape…Only to open my eyes in a blurry fever once again…

So I drag my worn body to the shower and wash all the feverish nightmares away and find my art supplies its time to make my Movie Board…

Movie Board you ask? What like what movies you’ve seen OR want to see?

No Its a Movie Board of my ‘Future Self’ and what she’s up to in the future with a Plan Of Attack, colours and shapes and YES the rewards EXCITED?

YES…Then lets begin…



Week#4 The DMP and the re-writes


As I re-read my new DMP I finally feel my BLISS! This is it when I read it aloud with ENTHUSiasm I totally feel peace and liberty one of my PPN’s…

I went from what I wanted as a WE my husband and I then realized this was MY DMP, then I added in something I wanted to change, well we all know how that works…backwards in my case as I was putting my attention to the one thing I wanted to change it got worse, when I let it go completely out into the ether…now this is when things began to change 🙂

I added in STUFF that wasn’t even mine I just thought Id better put that in there, other people’s dreams and desires…Things I said I would do and I knew it wasn’t going to happen and YES “I always keep my promises”

It wasn’t until recently when my daughter was here at the end of September to stay she asked me “So what is the end result?” Well knock me down with a feather I ummm’ed and agh’ed and defended and got all blustered I knew what I wanted to say BUT it was only lightly touched upon in my DMP, I felt like a FAKE!

So by the time she left I had gone into the silence many times to seek my TRUE BLISS…I really knew what it was I just had to put pen to paper…

The mantra “Do It Now” was blasting loud in my ears BUT my old blueprint was freaking out again going “no no no you really don’t want to do that, let’s go to the beach instead!”

I stuffed my “subby” and everything else into a room in my mind and slammed the door SHUT!

Family and Friends came and stayed I would do my readings and all my other MKMMA services…Then as soon as the last of my family left headed back to summer in NZ I took a deep breathe picked up my Journal and Timidly Opened that door in my mind…There was nothing there NO damnation no ranting and raving NO feelings of BLISS…just nothing

I began to breathe and then to WRITE the words just flowed from within to my world without…With a smile on my face and love in my heart I began to write OH WHAT BLISS!

My DMP came thick and fast it all just spewed its self upon the pages, this lasted for what seemed like no time at all…I looked down and begun to read OMG YES YES YES Finally this is it!


MY DMP is for ME and what I really truly with heartfelt feeling and enthusiasm bloody well WANT to manifest! Now I have to change “My Interview”

Life is Beautiful and I give Gratitude for all that I AM!

Week#3 The Sacrifice

Yesterday is gone -Rumi

The Sacrifice within your DMP

“Clearly state what it is you are willing to give-up OR change – sacrifice. Consider what may be holding you back from reaching your DMP? In many instances this could be the same aspect which you need to give up”

OK ummm…Is it because Im useless at completing tasks! OH OH hang on Law of Dual Thought…”I always complete tasks!”

ummm Is it because I procrastinate by slipping into my dreamworld of books and computer games and social media?

ummm is it because I am too busy living my husbands/wives dream?

ummm My kids need me and my time!

ummm my space is messy with all my shite and Im overwhelmed I cant even think!

ummm, ummm, ummm

There are so many ummm’s ! Really we can all think of at least 5…

The TOOL to finding out “what is holding you back” is to be HONEST with YOURSELF!

Really come on…If you were honest YOU would be living YOUR Dharma, Bliss, Dream Life!

Go INTO your silence within your sit and ask honestly “what is stopping me?”

Im sure the reality of the TRUTH is going to smack a few of you on the head with a “THWAK”

When you really truly asked yourself to be honest what is it?

FEAR is usually the #1 reason!

“I am FEAR-less though! you say to yourself…

“I am a Amazon Warrior Princess” OR “I am A Pillar of Strength for the Community” ” I am Tarzan and you are my Jane”


Inside you are a babbling little girl/boy wanting to be protected and loved and and and blubbering “Im scared I cant do it, what will other people think of me if I FAIL?”

We all wear masks for years and have forgotten who we really are…

As we step onto the path into OUR Hero’s Journey to start the process of chipping off the cement we start to see the golden gem like treasures of who we really are, why we are really here and what are our gifts.

As soon as this begins to happen YOU realize that NOTHING will STOP you from Achieving YOUR BLISS that burning desire you have WithIn to create Your World Without, The obstacles or the ummm’s fall away like snowflakes melting in the sun…

So be HONEST and ask yourself “What AM I willing to change OR give up in order to “Live My Dream?”


Week#2 The Sit

As I write this post my Whanau (family) from Aotearoa (NZ) is downstairs playing games it is 22:15 they have their 2nd wind, the kids 12 and 14 actually went to bed around 9pm totally shattered from being in the ocean surfing and boggie boarding all day 🙂

I got whisked away this afternoon as Trinity and Hunter decided to throw me a Surprise Birthday Party…It was my Birthday in June, I went to Cuba to celebrate…There were streamers and balloons and party plates with Hawaiian cocktails and party pupu’s AND a Piñata Hanging from the WOWHouse Door!

So what has this got to do with “The Sit”? Absolutely Nothing!


The Sit for me is where it all comes together, Its where I ask questions OR not, its where the answers flow OR not, it is OR it Isn’t…It is my sanctuary my OWN Space to create OR not! There is no rhyme OR reason IT JUST IS! Where I AM 🙂

My day begins with…

INTO the Silence I go…The Sit…

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE

“Into the World WithIn”

In SILENCE we SIT for as long as you do…one hour, one, day, two days

OR more…

This is a place of Peace, Joy and Bliss

Being Unconsciously Conscious

What Happens?

For Me…I AM

Totally in the moment of NOW

All movement stops, all questions are answered, all things unknown-known

It just IS





Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE