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Week Eight-Nine-Ten Guest Blogger Cristina Flueras

Week 8, 9, 10 – Don’t look back, you are not going that way !!

Those weeks I felt more like the hamster in the video. No, not the white one, the orange little one. Going ahead with all the enthousiasm and then getting trapped for not keeping the rythm. It all started with the Press Release – a huge chalenge that I wanted to do it right and in the end I didn’t do it at all. After that, all the exercices that we have to do, dreambord, recording and even the cards were postponed.

Even though this  slow down, I had the feeling that I keep on going in this new direction. I felt my new blueprint is keep installing and the old one is becoming less transparent and more heavy in my thaughts. Those weeks I realized that this journey is for life !! It’s a life changer. Once you get to know the power inside of you, once you unleashed it, it can only go forward. I learned a lot about my strenghts and I have met my limitations and try to negociate with them in order to transform them into strentghts as well. I cannot feel other then amazed and curious like a child on Christmas eve when I think at all the treasures that are to be discovered for the rest of MKMMA.

And the pay off is already huge. So many people around me are asking what is the reason for which I am shining so much from the inside, what is going on in my life now? I keep on telling them about this cours with the excitemend of a little puppy that wants your attention. I keep telling everyone about all the fairy tail word you can create in your head and manifest in your external word. In fact, I live the love and happiness I keep receiving since september !

I am still strugling with the 7 days mental diet, there are things that need time to get clear. But I am enjoying the process. I notice faster when I am about to make a critic and I try to stop myself. I know that I will succed one day and that day “I will walk tall among the men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man with a new life”.

Week Four My DMP’s… I AM Whole Perfect Strong Powerful Loving Harmonious Happy

Enter Carolynn Sokil an AMAZing being that now lives with her Husband Walter and their son Gregory in Puerto Rico…They all study and LIVE the Master Key Experience and have done since 2013. Check out her Face Book Page and Like it!

Today I honor her and share one of her drawings and her words on the “I AM…”


I am, so much more than I am

I am whole

I am the exact combination needed for me to be everything I am

I am complete within, without and with myself

The world is within me and I am within the world

I am and continue to be whole

I am perfect

With who and what I am

With where and how I am

The why continues to unfold

As I am and will be, I am perfect

I am strong

Enough to recognize what is required and to do whatever it takes

Strong for myself and for others

For the child within me and for the dharma which is my due

I am willingly and continuously strong

I am powerful

With an inner connection driven from an unlimited source

An ability to be what is needed and what is desired

What is within me vibrates outward lighting the cosmos

I am freely and joyously powerful

I am loving

To all whom I interact with on a daily basis

For those whom I do not know but who may need my love

An absolute truth which radiates from my centre

Without prejudice or exception, I am loving

I am harmonious

Of one mind with the ultimate purpose

I stand with truth for myself and others

My actions are in keeping with what is required

I am socially and peacefully harmonious

I am happy

To and beyond what I imagine

I share the bountiful and continuous fruits received

Willingly accepting what is offered

I am overwhelmingly and gratefully happy

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

Carolynn Sokil, 12.1.13

Aloha lorelei sunshine


Week #26 – Week #30

I Have been waiting till Week #30 to share one of My Sunshine Tribes Continuation Blog from Week #26 right through to week #30

I AM so Proud and INspired by Brony’s continued dedication and daily practice to her ‘Hero’s Journey’ most of the time on her own (she has AMAZing Discipline) with the guidance of myself when asked and the love and cheering/encouraging squad of the other Master Minding Members who Live the Master Keys Experience ‘give me, get more’

I AM Truly Blessed that you are in my Life at this Time I Appreciate You Brony xxx

Hope YOU all EnJoy reading her BLOG post PLEASE REMEMBER to Like, then Comment and then Share her Journey….


 Week 26 – Needing a Revamp

Week 27 – Scrambled and Starting again… Again!

Week 28 – In the midsts

Week 29 -out of energy

Week 30 – Inside the Tunnel

Week#4 The DMP and the re-writes


As I re-read my new DMP I finally feel my BLISS! This is it when I read it aloud with ENTHUSiasm I totally feel peace and liberty one of my PPN’s…

I went from what I wanted as a WE my husband and I then realized this was MY DMP, then I added in something I wanted to change, well we all know how that works…backwards in my case as I was putting my attention to the one thing I wanted to change it got worse, when I let it go completely out into the ether…now this is when things began to change 🙂

I added in STUFF that wasn’t even mine I just thought Id better put that in there, other people’s dreams and desires…Things I said I would do and I knew it wasn’t going to happen and YES “I always keep my promises”

It wasn’t until recently when my daughter was here at the end of September to stay she asked me “So what is the end result?” Well knock me down with a feather I ummm’ed and agh’ed and defended and got all blustered I knew what I wanted to say BUT it was only lightly touched upon in my DMP, I felt like a FAKE!

So by the time she left I had gone into the silence many times to seek my TRUE BLISS…I really knew what it was I just had to put pen to paper…

The mantra “Do It Now” was blasting loud in my ears BUT my old blueprint was freaking out again going “no no no you really don’t want to do that, let’s go to the beach instead!”

I stuffed my “subby” and everything else into a room in my mind and slammed the door SHUT!

Family and Friends came and stayed I would do my readings and all my other MKMMA services…Then as soon as the last of my family left headed back to summer in NZ I took a deep breathe picked up my Journal and Timidly Opened that door in my mind…There was nothing there NO damnation no ranting and raving NO feelings of BLISS…just nothing

I began to breathe and then to WRITE the words just flowed from within to my world without…With a smile on my face and love in my heart I began to write OH WHAT BLISS!

My DMP came thick and fast it all just spewed its self upon the pages, this lasted for what seemed like no time at all…I looked down and begun to read OMG YES YES YES Finally this is it!


MY DMP is for ME and what I really truly with heartfelt feeling and enthusiasm bloody well WANT to manifest! Now I have to change “My Interview”

Life is Beautiful and I give Gratitude for all that I AM!

Week ThirtySeven: The MKMMA Guide Webinar


The Journey to Become a certified MKMMA Guide…YES this is something I want to do!

Have I put it into my DMP yet? NO…Why not?

The Training began on the 8th of June and I left for Cuba on the 10th June where there is none OR very little wireless to be found, so I prepared before leaving reading, studying and listening to the color code CD every time i climbed into my car…I said to myself AS soon as you are back on US soil you will login and catch up…

BUT Life got in my way, our daughter Kelly’s Wedding, Family arriving the excitement, dinners, wedding rehearsals, shopping etc etc etc ISN’T there always an etc?

One month later I finally return to our Summer Island Home with Warwick’s Mum in tow hmmm didn’t really plan ahead did I?  Never had an elderly person in the Whare (WOWHouse) before…for the first two weeks it was all about her, making sure she ate properly, slept and safely checked out our WareHouse Space…Some background on MuM, she is 85 lives in the two story family house in Waihi Beach NZ, she  flew all the way from NZ to Los Angels on her own, she LOVEs to travel, she is deaf and wears a hearing aid she can lip read and it amazes me how well she can hear when she wants too…SHE is the Ultimate Silent Observer…She is a wee bit fragile only in that the plane adventures took abit out of her physically, so she was abit wobbly on her feet…

OK all is well Mum’s Sweet As and even been for a Swim or two, we have shopped and she has regained her strength and is all about being her independent self 🙂

So Sunday is the guide’s webinar AM I ready? Well I thought I was…when Shite happens in the morning when your cruising along and it all hits the fan 10mins before it starts I just want to BLINK and disappear away from all this LOUD Noise and Kaos…Breathe Breathe Breathe..The Webinar begins 🙁

I am sooo not ready! We start with the Trello assignments, I finish the 1st task BUT send it to the wrong Email address, Im seeing BUT not seeing, Im second guessing, I’m loosing it…

Arrgghhhhh…OK Breathe Breathe Breathe and JUST LISTEN…

I send out messages that I will re-do all of the tasks after the webinar PHEW! Breathe Breathe Breathe…

Remember that Sanctuary from the last BLOG…

Next time I will IMMEDIATELY BLINK myself there when anything negative is happening in my serene space before my Guide Training Webinar…

“I am Natures Greatest Miracle” Og mandino