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Week#7 A Guest Blogger on the 7

This week I have decided to use a guest blogger/s…


…They are a husband and wife team Dan and Jeanna Swiatowski, I met these two just recently when they came to Kauai for a MKMMA Retreat they are just full of ‘BUBBLES’ like a good bottle of champagne.

DTM’s Week 7 Master Keys Experience

Go and share some LOVE on there website…

This week in the Master Keys we have learned how powerful the number “7” really is.  We have learned that people learn 7 different ways.

  1. Spatially
  2. Musically
  3. Interpersonally
  4. Intrapersonally
  5. Mathematically
  6. Linguistically
  7. Athletically

We learn much faster and easier when we use one or more of these seven techniques.

This week we were asked to use music to reinforce our DMP.  We took our favorite piece of music, loop it as often as needed to read through our DMP and record them in a cadence for us to add into our daily readings.

WHY in the world would we do this?  Let’s see, #2 listed above in our learning methods is “Musically”….so, WHY again would we do this?  This is not meant to be a bad night at  karaoke…..this isn’t our warm up song…… this is the MAIN EVENT!!  Taking the time to read this to our Subby and linking it through music is…… POWERFUL.  One of those secret hidden powers that will reinforce our true desire(s).

Linking our DMP through music bombards our Subby.  This now links us with 6 of the 7 learning styles.  Up to this point we have leveraged spatially by using the shapes and colors.  Musically through our DMP readings enhanced by our music inspiration. Linguistically, Inter & Intra-personally through the reading of our BluePrint, Og and our Index cares.  Mathematically this is achieved through our DMP when we are listing out dates that we will achieve certain amounts that we will achieve. AKA Smart Goals.

The only learning style that we have not used to interrupt our old blueprint is Athletically.  Gee, how could we incorporate this into our MKMMA course?

Stay tuned…

We have also leveraged one or more of the Seven Laws of the Mind back from our early weeks.  For instance we have leveraged the Law of Substitution.   We cannot think of 2 things at one time.  If a negative thought enters our mind we think about God.  If that is too big of a reach, then we try to think of something positive.

We have also used the Law of Relaxation.  Mental Law defeats itself.  This is exactly opposite of physical effort  A relaxed calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress.

The next Law we have leveraged is the Law of Practice.  We us this law everyday by reading Og, Blueprint Building, etc.  Next we use the Law of Forgiveness.  To access the Divine and connect our Subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator.

Next we use the Law of Dual-Thought.  Our thoughts are a combination of Ideation and Feeling.  We can attach any feeling to any thought.  We displayed the Law of Dual Thought primarily through our DMP.

The Law of Subconscious, as soon as the Subby accepts an idea it becomes a demand. And the Subby works 24/7 to manifest this demand.   Thus accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

Last but not least….the Law of Growth.  What we think about grows, what we forget atrophies.  By thinking constantly of our new Blueprint, it can’t help but to manifest itself.

The last Seven we want to mention is the 7 Day Mental Diet.

If you have a negative thought, you must replace it with a positive thought which in turn utilizes the Law of Substitution.  We must go for (7) days thinking only positive thoughts.  Should we slip and have a negative thought enter our mind, we must start our 7 Day Mental Diet all over again.

Through the last (7) weeks, we have used the combination of psychological triggers, the 7 Laws of the Mind as well as the 7 Ways we Learn to constantly interrupt our Old BluePrint.  As Og states, we have developed that we are “slaves to habit and only a good habit can replace a bad habit.”  We have learned to do just that… develop good habits.

Gong back to the earlier weeks of the MKMMA experience, we have read, if you want health ge the health consciousness, if you want the money, get the money consciousness.  So therefore, if you want the your new Blueprint, get the NEW BLUEPRINT CONSCIOUSNESS.

Keep shining! / Peace be your Journey

Dan  & Jeanna

Week#6 Love Running Backwards

I Greet This Day With Image2   In My Heart

Running BackWards I seem to be Running BackWards OR Running Forwards but not going anywhere, what is happening? Am I awake OR am I dreaming?

I’ve been reading Og’s Scrolls for over 400 days thats 1200 readings, I LIVE these scrolls, I AM these scrolls…

Our Emotions are like the cycles of the moon NOT every day is a good day and I have been sick for the last eight of them, hopeless, depending upon my husband to do everything, in his world that means he gets to surf more, bless his board shorted body!

Being sick put everything into perspective though it really shows us how vulnerable we truly are and how when we aren’t actively moving OR doing how our minds turn everything around and up-side down…This is when that ‘old blue print’ puts on her dancing shoes and goes to town in your head spinning to a new record every 3 minutes…

I close my eyes and go to sleep OR meditate within the silence for hours OH what a bliss-filled escape…Only to open my eyes in a blurry fever once again…

So I drag my worn body to the shower and wash all the feverish nightmares away and find my art supplies its time to make my Movie Board…

Movie Board you ask? What like what movies you’ve seen OR want to see?

No Its a Movie Board of my ‘Future Self’ and what she’s up to in the future with a Plan Of Attack, colours and shapes and YES the rewards EXCITED?

YES…Then lets begin…



Here Ye Here Ye SherryB’s Press Release


I am sharing this Press release from one of my Tribe Member’s SherryB is “digging deep” and getting it DONE! I am so proud to be on this Journey with you Sherry 🙂

Press Release

Kauai Resident Interviewed by P.J. Jensen ~ People Magazine at Hukilau Lanai, Kapaa, HI.

The Garden Island Newspaper Posted: Tuesday May 1, 2018 3:33 pm


Time For a Change

My Name is P.J. Jensen.  I’m a Journalist for People Magazine.  It’s a Warm and clear Monday morning and I’m sitting at a corner table, at the Hukilau Lanai, inside the Beautiful Beachboy Resort in Kapaa, Hawaii.  We’re watching the Cameraman, and Electricians setting up for this long anticipated Interview with Sherry Bumgardner, and her Journey from a Retired Hairstylist, to a successful world renown Artist, earning over $1M from the sales of her Unique Pastel Paintings and Exquisite Glass Art. We want her Story of changing her Thoughts, and Energy, and how she manifested her Bliss, that she obtained from a course she participated in, called theMaster Key Experience. We, at People Magazine, are Interviewing thousands who have Jumped on the MKMMA Wave, and all have learned how to get what they truly desire in Life!

Sherry is wearing a lovely White cotton Shirt, with Black Linen Capri’s.  A one of a kind Turquoise stone necklace, she made herself, and her hair is pulled up in a loose knot on back of her head.  As she removes her Christian Dior Sunglasses, I see a face of Peace, and Happiness.  She is truly in her Bliss!   We order a couple Yummy, crisp Cosmopolitans, and I proceed with a few Questions.

PJ: Aloha Sherry, Thank You for taking the time to explain how you have achieved so much joy and abundance in such a short period of time.

SB: I’m so Happy to share the Experience!

PJ: You are the 9th of over 100 interviews I have scheduled for people just like you, who are claiming they manifested their Dreams to Reality from taking this Course. What is Master Key Experience?

SB: It’s unlike any other course!  You cannot buy it!  You receive it with a Scholarship, paid in Full by previous Students.  To Quote, Charles F. Haanel; The Master Key teaches the use of “Mind Power” true mind Power!

PJ: How long does it take to complete the Course?

SB: It takes 24 weeks with an absolute commitment to complete your weekly tasks and Honor and Trust the process.

PJ: So is this like a Cult?  With magical promises?

SB: It isn’t Magic, or Hypnotism, or any of the more or less fascinating deceptions which many are led to think that something can be had for nothing.  When a Student gains the understanding of the mental Laws, they then will come into the possession of the ability to get the results.  The Master Key is based on absolute scientific Truth!  When you apply yourself, the possibilities are unlimited!

PJ: How does someone give you this Power?

SB:  The Power is already in you!  Once I learned the Key to telling my sub-Conscience only positive and precise thoughts, it can produce Magnificent results!   You want more Happiness?  You already have it in you!

PJ:  So, Everyone should take this course?

SB: Absolutely!  No one makes it without a Mastermind.  We all need help.

PJ: This is how you have achieved your Life of Happiness & Abundance?

SB: Yes, UNLIMITED Happiness and Abundance!   It wasn’t easy!  I started off a bit leery, and luke warm. But by the 4th week, I was ready to Quit!  Not Quit like you may be thinking.  I was ready to Quit giving only 80-90% I was ready to give 100+%   I knew by then, this is how I was going to achieve my every want!  I started with all positive thoughts, not so easy in this day and age.  I then followed the entire curriculum as best as I could.  I was ridding myself of my old Blueprint and creating a new one, to manifest my New Reality!  I knew it would take my undivided attention, to achieve everything I wanted my Dharma to be.  The details had to be precise!  The Bad Habits needed to be replaced with good habits, and I loved being a Salve to them!  I also found a new desire to give more; You must give to get!  I applied myself daily , knowing I Can Be What I Will to Be.  

PJ: So it was paid for and you received an amazing Gift!  Why doesn’t everyone do this?

SB:  It wasn’t without sacrifice!  Like I said before, you have to give to get.  Most of my sacrifices were in the form of giving up some of the things I have done forever, things that were comfortable! Things that were actually holding me back,  My old Blueprint!  They weren’t easy to give up, but necessary to gain momentum, to the final results, the Brass Ring if you will,  In my case my retirement on this breathtaking island with a consistant bank account with enough money to fulfill my wildest dreams, A Mountain top Tropical Home with Magnificent Coastal views, all doing what I Love to do!  My Art makes me Happy! I Create everyday!   Giving to my favorite Charity “No Kill Animal Shelters” Brings me great Joy!  But, I believe now, my best gift to others; to Pay It Forward, so Others who are ready to apply themselves, can achieve their Dharma!

PJ: Sherry, it sounds like you did it!  You have achieved all you Dreams!  How can I get in evolved with Master Key Experience?

SB:  PJ, You’ve come to the right place…….


Week#4 The DMP and the re-writes


As I re-read my new DMP I finally feel my BLISS! This is it when I read it aloud with ENTHUSiasm I totally feel peace and liberty one of my PPN’s…

I went from what I wanted as a WE my husband and I then realized this was MY DMP, then I added in something I wanted to change, well we all know how that works…backwards in my case as I was putting my attention to the one thing I wanted to change it got worse, when I let it go completely out into the ether…now this is when things began to change 🙂

I added in STUFF that wasn’t even mine I just thought Id better put that in there, other people’s dreams and desires…Things I said I would do and I knew it wasn’t going to happen and YES “I always keep my promises”

It wasn’t until recently when my daughter was here at the end of September to stay she asked me “So what is the end result?” Well knock me down with a feather I ummm’ed and agh’ed and defended and got all blustered I knew what I wanted to say BUT it was only lightly touched upon in my DMP, I felt like a FAKE!

So by the time she left I had gone into the silence many times to seek my TRUE BLISS…I really knew what it was I just had to put pen to paper…

The mantra “Do It Now” was blasting loud in my ears BUT my old blueprint was freaking out again going “no no no you really don’t want to do that, let’s go to the beach instead!”

I stuffed my “subby” and everything else into a room in my mind and slammed the door SHUT!

Family and Friends came and stayed I would do my readings and all my other MKMMA services…Then as soon as the last of my family left headed back to summer in NZ I took a deep breathe picked up my Journal and Timidly Opened that door in my mind…There was nothing there NO damnation no ranting and raving NO feelings of BLISS…just nothing

I began to breathe and then to WRITE the words just flowed from within to my world without…With a smile on my face and love in my heart I began to write OH WHAT BLISS!

My DMP came thick and fast it all just spewed its self upon the pages, this lasted for what seemed like no time at all…I looked down and begun to read OMG YES YES YES Finally this is it!


MY DMP is for ME and what I really truly with heartfelt feeling and enthusiasm bloody well WANT to manifest! Now I have to change “My Interview”

Life is Beautiful and I give Gratitude for all that I AM!