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Week TwentyThree: The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS


My friend Bob says I am always the optimist, always thinking the positive and good in every situation no matter how dire.
I have always lived my life this way, never worrying about where anything I need is coming from just actively sending out the thoughts, trusting and believing.
I have found when I did get side tracked it is by other people’s thoughts BUT it didn’t take me long to realize that…I blessed them with loving kindness ? and carried on within my own world of reality.


My husband when I first met him would say to me “they are only words” I would reply “words are power-filled” they can build and they can destroy us, other people, towns, cities even countries from the silent words we speak within to the words spread unto the masses through the media.
We have a Construction Company here on Kauai, clients ask my husband “can you build, do or make this?” His answer is always “YES we can” he has no idea sometimes on the how to, he just knows it will happen, most times for him the answers come at night in his dreams, he does much of his conception and building while he sleeps ūüėČ


When my daughter Sian and I moved to Australia we headed north from Sydney and followed the SUN stopping where we wanted to, we kept heading north until we found ourselves in North Queensland we stopped at a camp ground and started to look for a job, house and a school. We decided to go for a drive and check out some areas in the northern beaches, as we were driving down Millionaires Row in Kewarra Beach we slow drived along looking at all the beautiful homes, Sian was attracted to one place right on the beachfront as it had a huge stained glass window¬† in the entry she said “mum we are going to live there” I said “that would be AWEsome, we laughed and kept exploring…

I scored an AMAZing Eventing Job on a Premium Golf Course out at yip…you guessed it Kewarra Beach. So we got the newspaper & started looking for a place to live.
I circled this one advertisement that said “sunny beachfront rental” then rung up about a couple of other places and thought what the hell, I’ll ring the ‘sunny beach front rental’…It was on Millionaire’s Row, I said to Sian we can take a look…YES it was the beautiful home with the stained glass in the entrance that Sian said we were going to live in…We met the landlady who was a sweet old eccentric bird, the rental was the whole downstairs there was a full length swimming pool in the back garden as she was an ex Olympic Swimmer and a garden gate that opened right onto the beach, we scored this place for $120 per week including utilities!


I am so glad that my daughter had tuned into EVERYthing being a possibility, YOU just decide what you want and Viola the universe will supply it! She has become a master of manifestation? she is now 26 her passion is traveling the world and meeting people and this is just what she does with not a care in the world living her dreams ?


Week TwentyTwoA: Deep WithIn I Dive

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE

This week we got to experience going “Into the World WithIn”

In SILENCE we SIT for as long as you do…one hour, one, day, two days

OR more…

This is a place of Peace, Joy and Bliss

Being Unconsciously Conscious

What Happens?

For Me…I Just AM

Totally in the moment of NOW

All movement stops, all questions are answered, all things unknown-known

It just IS





Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Eyes wide OPEN

Into the Deep WithIn I Dive…Blissfully GONE

Week TwentyTwo: Journey into the Silence finding Nirvana WithIn

Into the Silence the Beginning…

I have gone into the Silence several times in this my lifetime so far…I am very comfortable in my own head, my own space my own Samsara…


¬†My breath slows, my heart rate slows, my mind slows…I AM filled with light, energy and peace…A grin spreads across my face and every part of me softens…

The Journey Begins…

Then in my minds eye I see it…the “Blue Pearl” disappearing into the gap and I’m gone…

Back later with what happened in the GAP…

Week Twenty: Putting on my Wonder Women pants and Striking a Pose




madonna’s STRIKE A POSE

I have stepped up to that plate you know the one everyone talks about “stepping up to”

I have been feeling uncomfortable in my own skin for over 3months now, what is causing this? I finally got clarity on Sunday Evening, a phone call from a treasured friend and everything was presented.

As I was reading my daily BPB (blue print builder) with ENTHUSiasim I would get to the line…”I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice therefore, I engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it effects” and I was feeling that something I was doing was just not in balance with this statement…

Well all has been revealed…so my above statement about Wonder Women , her pants and Striking a Pose was for ME to jump Into my fear pants n all and take on a big corporation, challenge them to justify some changes that were made and give me what I purchased OR a refund for said purchases, I have never done anything like this on my own, putting the info together, and then sending a letter which I blessed with loving kindness, sent my Angels in to talk with thier Angels…

STRIKE a POSE! What is that?

So there is a way to make us feel more confident, less fear-filled and take action, be it reading in front of a classroom filled with children, going to a job interview, doing a life presentation,meeting on an aeroplane what ever you are a wee bit scared to do…


Its about body language…take a look around you at your children, your partner, your work ssociates, team members, friends, people you look up to and see how they stand OR sit…Are they hunched over closed in on themselves OR are they straight and open?

Even if you feel scared you can “fake it till you make it”

Put yourself into a POWER POSE this is standing OR sitting straight and tall with arms either wide open above your head OR hands held stead fast to your hips,elbows facing out…hold this for 2minutes WOW you are going to feel totally Power-filled! You can visulize like I do my Wonder Women pants mine aren’t red, white n blue though mine are gold and sparkley, my niece sent them to me, she must of known I was going to need them this week ?

Then “Do It Now” what ever you were scared to do…Do it! ¬†Go check it out! ¬† See how it makes you FEEL and what does your body look like now? ¬† I would love some comments posted on your experience…

So How did I feel?

Well…I did it, it took me several hours to get all of the information needed, document it all, get the letter sorted then mail it…I FELT FRIKEN AWESOME and when it was all done and completed I feel GOOD about my decision made. ¬†Some more concrete just feel off!

CONCERETE? yeah concrete but that’s another story…

Another Confirmation that all is well is that my VIRTUE this week is DECISIVENESS how kool is that?