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Aloha, Hare Mai…

Yes I am a Kiwi native to Aotearoa (NZ) living here on my Summer Island of Kauai

I am the Co Owner of our business WOW SUP Hawaii LLC  and Warrior Foil boards we manufacture here on Island SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards) Race SUP’s, Flat Water SUP’s, Open Ocean SUP’s (down winders) and Progressive Surf SUP’s we have just added a collection of Foil boards to our custom collection.

I’ve been on Kauai for 11 years April 26th 2007 is when I arrived, I met my husband while he was on a surfing trip to NZ, I was looking after my Dad and was the General Manager for a Texas Hold’Em Poker League Company traveling around from town to town, city to city.

After he asked me to come to Kauai to live I visited my Dad to ask his advise he said” GO FOR IT no time to waste, follow your heart and have FUN”…My Dad was a true adventurer sailing all over the world on ships as the executive chef, I’m sure it was the telegrams and parcels that arrived from exotic countries OH and his library of books that installed the travel bug within me…I flew back to Australia to sort my stuff, this is where I was living before, I had a healing center right on the beach front at Trinity Beach and also my Event Company doing weddings, parties, conferences and any other event that came my way…

So I packed up put everything I wanted into storage, sorted my business affairs had farewell party after farewell party got on a plane & flew to Hawaii…

I always knew I was going to Hawaii I had a feeling, I had no idea how that was going to come about, if you hold it in your thoughts IT will come about.

My daughter Sian Faith is living on the SunShine Coast of Australia, she is now 29 and like me she travels around the world feeding her bliss levels with FUN, Adventure, meeting NEW friends and ENJOYing LIFE…She works SMART and Plays Hard.

My other daughter Kelly from another mother is a progressive hairstylist and lives in San Diego with her Husband Scott.

My son James from another mother lives in Bend Oregon and is following his bliss in the natural health industry, he LOVEs the High Desert and all it has to offer. He lives with his husband Dan they have just bought and moved into their 2nd home.

My days are filled with creating my Dharma my passions, writing my book “Grace” and creating my oracle ‘grace’ cards along with my friend Brony she is supplying the art work I am supplying the words, …meditation, reading, gardening, trail walking and MOST of all the BEACH I am so glad our business is Ocean Based.


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