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Week#9 The Truth

I am my own Guest Blogger this week 🙂

This blog is from my Week9 Last Year…WOW what a space I was in! BUT it felt GREAT to get those FEELings and EMOTIONs OUT!

LOVING the Mantra

“This too Shall Pass”

Week 9 November 2014

Liar Liar pants on FIRE!


I have always had this thing about the Truth…I have said to my friends “don’t ask me to lie for you as I just can’t do it”… it just never felt right and YES I did do it to see if I could…I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I was all nervous and it wasn’t even face to face it was over the phone…my lies had stopped before they could take over the way I spoke with people, for this I’m grateful ?

I’m just straight up, ask me a question & you may not get the answer you were looking for “do I look fat in these jeans?” “Hell YES what are you thinking?  “Wear that beautiful black dress it looks stunning on you”




I have found myself being not nice, actually down right nasty at times…feeding those hungry angry filled peptides…Always blaming someone else for the situation I found myself in, ungrateful, whinging, unhappy, tired, sore, sorry-arse excuse for a human being…wanting to jump on a plane and leave this island and go somewhere where I was loved and appreciated!

What a croc o shite!

I WAS…AM… Loved and Appreciated by my husband …I’m the one who wasn’t being appreciative and loving, kind and caring…I was so caught up in mySELFS woe that I was being blinded by rage…

AT WHAT? Myself?

Holy thank the Godess for the 7second rule…Think, be a conscious being…Breathe, Re-Think, use the Law of Substitution…

This is YOUR MOVIE! Switch the scene, the characters lines, change the location USE YOUR Imagination!

Loving the re-awakening process…definitely been asleep…caught up in a daydream…


It’s time to step into the being you came here to be…I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!

LUCKY that was a year ago and YES it did PASS…

Today the SunShines as it does everyday and my World WithIn reflects my DIVINE World Without…Sweet Dreams

Week#8 The FLIP with LOVE

MarkJ said ‘flip an 8 on it’s side and you get the infinity sign’

Well I say ‘then add the words LOVE’

Then you get LOVE infinitum!


Week#8 is for me all about getting it all done, making the connections with the shapes, colours, POA cards, DMP charged with feelings and emotions, the MOVIE Board, ‘giving and receiving’, the 7 laws of the mind, being the always ready ‘watch keeper’ at the gate to my mind with the mental diet, living by my newly acquired  compass (Thanks SherryB),  ‘uplifting my mind with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages’, ‘feeding my soul with meditation and prayer’ (Thanks Og Mandino), the readings, the gal in glass, then tying it all together with movement and music WOW how does it get any better than this?

Well it can and does with LOVE!

The magic ingredient is LOVE sprinkle it, splash it, dose it, drown it all in LOVE 🙂

Like my favorite poet Rumi says…


I believe the most powerful thing within us all is LOVE

So go within FEEL your LOVE and SHARE it with everyone you come into contact with…

Og Mandino said it “silently say I Love You” let it shine in your eyes, un-wrinkle your brow and bring a smile to your lips and an echo in your voice.


I always keep my promises…lorelei sunshine

Week#7 A Guest Blogger on the 7

This week I have decided to use a guest blogger/s…


…They are a husband and wife team Dan and Jeanna Swiatowski, I met these two just recently when they came to Kauai for a MKMMA Retreat they are just full of ‘BUBBLES’ like a good bottle of champagne.

DTM’s Week 7 Master Keys Experience

Go and share some LOVE on there website…

This week in the Master Keys we have learned how powerful the number “7” really is.  We have learned that people learn 7 different ways.

  1. Spatially
  2. Musically
  3. Interpersonally
  4. Intrapersonally
  5. Mathematically
  6. Linguistically
  7. Athletically

We learn much faster and easier when we use one or more of these seven techniques.

This week we were asked to use music to reinforce our DMP.  We took our favorite piece of music, loop it as often as needed to read through our DMP and record them in a cadence for us to add into our daily readings.

WHY in the world would we do this?  Let’s see, #2 listed above in our learning methods is “Musically”….so, WHY again would we do this?  This is not meant to be a bad night at  karaoke…..this isn’t our warm up song…… this is the MAIN EVENT!!  Taking the time to read this to our Subby and linking it through music is…… POWERFUL.  One of those secret hidden powers that will reinforce our true desire(s).

Linking our DMP through music bombards our Subby.  This now links us with 6 of the 7 learning styles.  Up to this point we have leveraged spatially by using the shapes and colors.  Musically through our DMP readings enhanced by our music inspiration. Linguistically, Inter & Intra-personally through the reading of our BluePrint, Og and our Index cares.  Mathematically this is achieved through our DMP when we are listing out dates that we will achieve certain amounts that we will achieve. AKA Smart Goals.

The only learning style that we have not used to interrupt our old blueprint is Athletically.  Gee, how could we incorporate this into our MKMMA course?

Stay tuned…

We have also leveraged one or more of the Seven Laws of the Mind back from our early weeks.  For instance we have leveraged the Law of Substitution.   We cannot think of 2 things at one time.  If a negative thought enters our mind we think about God.  If that is too big of a reach, then we try to think of something positive.

We have also used the Law of Relaxation.  Mental Law defeats itself.  This is exactly opposite of physical effort  A relaxed calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress.

The next Law we have leveraged is the Law of Practice.  We us this law everyday by reading Og, Blueprint Building, etc.  Next we use the Law of Forgiveness.  To access the Divine and connect our Subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator.

Next we use the Law of Dual-Thought.  Our thoughts are a combination of Ideation and Feeling.  We can attach any feeling to any thought.  We displayed the Law of Dual Thought primarily through our DMP.

The Law of Subconscious, as soon as the Subby accepts an idea it becomes a demand. And the Subby works 24/7 to manifest this demand.   Thus accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

Last but not least….the Law of Growth.  What we think about grows, what we forget atrophies.  By thinking constantly of our new Blueprint, it can’t help but to manifest itself.

The last Seven we want to mention is the 7 Day Mental Diet.

If you have a negative thought, you must replace it with a positive thought which in turn utilizes the Law of Substitution.  We must go for (7) days thinking only positive thoughts.  Should we slip and have a negative thought enter our mind, we must start our 7 Day Mental Diet all over again.

Through the last (7) weeks, we have used the combination of psychological triggers, the 7 Laws of the Mind as well as the 7 Ways we Learn to constantly interrupt our Old BluePrint.  As Og states, we have developed that we are “slaves to habit and only a good habit can replace a bad habit.”  We have learned to do just that… develop good habits.

Gong back to the earlier weeks of the MKMMA experience, we have read, if you want health ge the health consciousness, if you want the money, get the money consciousness.  So therefore, if you want the your new Blueprint, get the NEW BLUEPRINT CONSCIOUSNESS.

Keep shining! / Peace be your Journey

Dan  & Jeanna

Week#6 Love Running Backwards

I Greet This Day With Image2   In My Heart

Running BackWards I seem to be Running BackWards OR Running Forwards but not going anywhere, what is happening? Am I awake OR am I dreaming?

I’ve been reading Og’s Scrolls for over 400 days thats 1200 readings, I LIVE these scrolls, I AM these scrolls…

Our Emotions are like the cycles of the moon NOT every day is a good day and I have been sick for the last eight of them, hopeless, depending upon my husband to do everything, in his world that means he gets to surf more, bless his board shorted body!

Being sick put everything into perspective though it really shows us how vulnerable we truly are and how when we aren’t actively moving OR doing how our minds turn everything around and up-side down…This is when that ‘old blue print’ puts on her dancing shoes and goes to town in your head spinning to a new record every 3 minutes…

I close my eyes and go to sleep OR meditate within the silence for hours OH what a bliss-filled escape…Only to open my eyes in a blurry fever once again…

So I drag my worn body to the shower and wash all the feverish nightmares away and find my art supplies its time to make my Movie Board…

Movie Board you ask? What like what movies you’ve seen OR want to see?

No Its a Movie Board of my ‘Future Self’ and what she’s up to in the future with a Plan Of Attack, colours and shapes and YES the rewards EXCITED?

YES…Then lets begin…