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Week Seventeen HJ: MKMMA checklist and what it means to me Part2 OR not.

From Part1:

“Here I am thinking yeah I’m this SUPER successful presidents team leader earning the BIG bucks, traveling around the world, sharing and drinking GR8 coffee”…I do really like this Ideal of the future me BUT the TRUE ME that made this journey to this EARTH is “a writer a plant nurturer a healer and a memory awakener and a teacher” ?

BEFORE I start Part2…WE had our weekly webinar on Sunday Week17 HJ…


I had my very 1st A-Ha moment!

What’s so GREAT about this?

Well it’s that I have had these A-Ha moments BEFORE in my life, BUT I have never GIVEN mySELF PERMISSION to move INto the REALisation of it 😉

SO…What was this A-Ha moment?

The Webinar was about “The Hero’s Journey”…letting OUR OLD BluePrint Die and in Death we will be RE-Born.

There are the FOUR stages OR states of mind we go through…Denial…Anger…Grief…Acceptance

When the part about GRIEF was being explained I thought WOW this is where I am at, grieving for my OLD BluePrint ?

Let me explain…

EveryTime so far up until that moment on Sunday I have got myself in MY journey for CHANGE to that point GRIEF but did not acknowledge it as being that, I was so caught up in my OWN Ego that I was stopping my progression into the next stage OR state of mind ACCEPTANCE…some of you will know this as “Self Sabbotage”

BLOODY HELL, WTF soooo many wasted years…

OR NOT as I obviously had to get passed MY EGO to even be able to see this 😉

Gotta LOVE life and all it throws at YOU…

WAKE UP…so close and then BOOM oops dancing backwards again…Authentic Self, Inner Spark Smouldering once again…


This was such a REALisation for ME, I am singing from the rooftops and sharing with anyone who will listen.

This is why I began Part2 with a paragraph out of Part1…(look above)…


I  AM…”a writer a plant nurturer a healer and a memory awakener and a teacher”


this is who I came to Earth with knowledge as…


MY FUTURE SELF is ready to AWAKEN and be ACCEPTED…This “SUPER successful presidents team leader earning the BIG bucks, traveling around the world, sharing and drinking GR8 coffee”!


SHE’s stepping up to the plate and taking OWNERSHIP of her contract signed sealed & delivered BEFORE arriving here on Earth to be a WAY SHOWER opening oneSELF to BLISS because SHE CAN make SHITE Happen!

She has tons of self confidence, she LOVES sharing and teaching what she has been taught in a FUN and EXCITING, CARING way with PASSION and DRIVE and why does she DO this?

SHE cares about YOU and what you want to accomplish YOUR Dreams & Desires she will be there to HOLD the sword for YOU to GRAB and SLAY the DRAGON’s of YOUR past and YOUR future on YOUR journey into YOUR BLISS…

Plus with the financial freedom she creates, she can implement the spaces where giving back and sharing BECOMES HER REALITY ? HER BLISS

Oops…Part2 will now resume soon in a new posting…beginning with the SHAPES and COLOURS and what they all mean…….

Week Seventeen: MKMMA check list and what it means to me Part1


I give MYself Permission to be Honest?

Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman’

when we were first given this assignment, buy 2x copies of this book one for a work book the other to be kept  by your bed…BUT do not read the first scroll until told to do so…

WHOA Shut the Front Door!

I am an avid book reader besides coffee and gardening books are up there in my top 3 L?VEs, so for me to stop, like really stop and NOT keep reading was a test of my ability to follow orders…WOW I’ve never been good at that one, but hey we as humans can change ourselves at any time we choose…I actually found it a lot easier than I imagined it would be, I read all of the chapters up to the first scroll…We were then told we were going to read this scroll 3x a day EVERYday for a month and one of the reads the night time one was going to be out loud…I got this…then after the second weeks worth of reading, we were told to take the word WILL out, It changed the whole chapter it bought all of the sentences into the present this was interesting…I actually found myself taking the WILL word out of everything I read…

The DMP…the what?

Short for Definite Major Purpose OR Dhama

We were to write out what it is we wanted in our lives…choosing some PPN’s

Some what?

Pivotal Personal Needs, there were a few to choose from:

legacy, autonomy, helping others, spiriatual growth, liberty, true health and recognition for creative expression.

So our DMP was eventually after re-writes and  re-do’s going to be a tidy 400 words…Yeah Right!

For me this took at least 5-6 weeks I was tweaking it, changing it altogether, as my guide questioned parts of it, (we were all given a guide to help us with how to make it in the NOW and make sure our language was correct in asking for what we really wanted) after like the 6th week I SAID to myself “WHO’s bloody DMP is this? As it’s not YOURS it’s someone else’s wanting to please everyone else, this is not YOU, WHERE did you go? Is anybody really out there?

 Sooo I changed one of my PPN’s and VOILA everything flowed from that moment on. I have tweaked it down to 400 words and REPEAT it aloud at least once a day out loud from the roof tops if need be…

Its funny though as I’m progressing through the weeks and I read my DMP I feel another change happening, it’s like “REALLY this is what you really really truly truly WANT? Hmmmph I feel a re-write about to happen, it’s just that stuff changes you re-access what it OR who YOU REALLY ARE, your own memories are being AWAKEned…

Here I am thinking yeah I’m this SUPER successful presidents team leader earning the BIG bucks, traveling around the world, sharing and drinking GR8 coffee…I do really like this Ideal of the future me BUT the TRUE ME that made this journey to this EARTH is a writer a plant nurturer a healer and a memory awakener and a teacher.

The BPB…the what?

The BluePrint Builder.

So this course is all about changing our OLD BluePrint by tricking our sub concious into believing life within a NEW BluePrint, it’s bloody BRILLIANT actually…so the BPB is read aloud everyday affirming to ourselves that the life we choose for our future self is already manifest, we see it, feel it, taste it and ARE it!

A lot of Mumbo Jumbo right?

Nope Little Black Sambo’s Mum n Dad are nowhere to be seen, but sometimes you can see rings of butter under the banana trees…

This course is backed up with lots of scientific gobble de gook, some interesting and well known characters too, Napolean Hill, John Wooden, Haanel, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Emmet Fox plus a few more.

The Shapes

What shapes?

Red Circle, Blue Rectangle, Green Triangle and Yellow Square…check out my next post Part 2 for the answers…

Week Sixteen: KINDNESS Flashes⚡️ The Crazy MKMMA Team are at it again!

I LOVE this…this week everyone of us, all 300 get to manifest and observe KINDNESS for a whole week, a collective consciousness from 5 continents…??


The a Crazy MKMMA Team are at it again…

KINDNESS coming to you from around the World

Is someone checking the newspapers, the televisions, the Internet as the KINDNESS vibes will be POWER-filled and zooming all over the planet at light speed beginning late Sunday 11th to Late Sunday 18th January…

If you were above the Earth looking down from space you would see with all of the love n healing vibe lights?with KINDNESS flashes⚡️

This week the vibe is intensified and the KINDNESS is in overload…it’s EVERYWHERE in EVERYONE


The KINDNESS n love n my Papi dogs eyes when he looks at me patting his head as we drive on our missions, people waiting patiently while others try to make up their minds, returning shopping trolleys that aren’t ours, leaving tokens of appreation on our co-workers desks, wiping down the bench in a shared work kitchen space, writing thankyou n LOVE notes, giving way in traffic, paying it forward in the coffee line, walking the neighbors dog, buying groceries for someone who can’t get to the store, reading a book, baking a cake or making soup for a sick friend…

These are just a few of the KINDNESS deeds shared on day 2 of 7 by the 300 in the KINDNESS tab in the alliance…it is KOOL just to spend sometime in there reading all the KINDNESS deeds, I am truely grateful to be in this team of kicking the old blue print in the butt, collectively and consciously together!

KINDNESS la la la la….

Can YOU feel the vibes?

Please comment only with KINDNESS deeds you have done already ?

Week Fifteen: I am natures greatest miracle and self control


I am natures greatest miracle


There is No-One like ME…

Its actually quite an All Out There Statement…Holy No-One like ME?

This is it then… ITS all about ME…

I was free writing before and the stuff that floods into my brain sometimes makes me laugh…I went off on some kind of Matrix Movie Scene tangent with multiples of ME and the mischief and FUN we all got up to….

Back to REALity…I do like that I am unique and that there is just the soul-ME here on Planet Earth, doing what I was born to do…I’m on a mission, exploring, adventuring, meeting n greeting around the world…

I like to experience everything that I can…pushing myself to the limits and beyond…

One of my favorite things to do is experience the winter-filled NIGHT as it is…Dark and softly lit…so many people have their places lit up like a sun-filled day, how can they experience night like that?

It’s a totally amazing time of the day, it’s time to slow down, breathe, get dinner ready or eat out, take a long luxurious bath soak into bliss, have a glass of wine, relax, reLate, ENJOY and just be with yourself or family or friends specially at this time of the year, Winter all snugly n warm watching a favorite movie or reading a good book….

I have gone off into a night time adventure….Back to REALity…


The exercise for the week….

hmmm this is what I am seeing as many times in one day as I can…so far there is not a lot of it around that I am seeing, so I need to stop trying to see and just acknowledge it when it does happen 😉

Self Control for me is something I am working on, I’ve liked life without self control, packing up and going on a whim-cycle adventure at the drop of a hat…eating what I want when I want…doing what I want when I want, this is how I have built my life to just DO It….

I do like the concept of Self Control I test myself daily…like only having 3 chocolate biscuits instead of 1/2 the packet…I am lucky I’m not diabetic or have a weight problem….I move too much, the only time I’m sitting is when I’m online which I have Self Controlled myself to only 2 hours a day max, and then thank the goddess I live kauai so there is way too much sunshine to go play outside than to be online…

So this is where I’m at Self Control….

Week Fourteen: going to the movies American football style


YES it’s true we get to go to the Movies this week…

I have Netflix Live Streaming so there was only one movie I could watch “RUDDY” Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, Notre Dame player #45

So the story is about a kid who grows up with a DREAM to play American Football for Notre Dame…his DMP

Now how is he going to make this happen? By sheer persistence, he will do what ever it takes which he doesn’t find out till 1/2 way through the movie how hard this is going to be, he has a best friend who keeps him on track and totally believes he WILL do this, he has some serious odds to go up against the first and major one is none of his family has ever gone to university they “just weren’t meant to people like them” even his father believes this, so this is what he is installing in the children…”we are foundry people” nothing wrong with this, we make a good living from it”

Well Rudy wanted MORE for his life…He DARED to DREAM BIG.

His grades at school were not enough to get him to Norte Dame the university where his Dream Football Team resided…So he became a foundry worker like the rest of his brothers and his best friend…it wasn’t until his friend died in an accident that Rudy made the decision to follow his DREAM, he got on a bus, went to Norte Dame and did whatever it took, he had a plan to get good grades then get accepted I to Notre Dame where he could play for his Dream Team…After failing several times, he finally gets accepted.

His persistence is amazing BUT he never gives up…training, studying, believing…UNTIL nearly the very end of the story with a little help from his friends he realises he is living his dream he is studing at Notre Dame University and IS Playing for his Dream Team he just hasn’t been in uniform and on the sidelines…

His time comes though as this tough little guy with the support of the rest of the team who totally respects what he does, stands up to the new coach and gives their jerseys up so Rudy can take one of their places on the team…long story short Rudy gets to ‘uniform up’ and gets to lead the team onto the field…He is totally stoked with this, this is his DREAM all of his hard work has led to this Day, then with only 7seconds to go he gets a chance to go o to the field and PLAY…

This guy went totally against all of the odds you could throw at one person, with a DREAM, HARD WORK and all of the PERSISTENCE one person could hold within themselves and more, he DID IT, he KICKED that old blue print right in the arse where it withered and died and STEPPED into his NEW SELF…